Sunday, 13 May 2012

Instagram #4

Sainsbury's equivalent to Percy Pigs/ Sister Act/ Alfie watching Attenborough (Smart choice there!)/
Smoked Mackerel and new potato salad/bowl of hot choc/ Smiley Alfie/
Doughballs/Parsnip chips/Dominos 

I swear that everything I post on Instagram is food related. I'm honestly such a foodie! This week was spent eating out a lot, having Golden Retriever cuddles, seeing Sister Act at the theatre, getting excited about seeing Legally Blonde again soon (Omg, omg you guys!!), receiving devastating news, rekindling my love for yoghurt dipped raisins, watching season 1 of The Inbetweeners and organising things. Oh and also discovering that my dad has now started to play the 'lets move things around Amey's flat and see if she notices' game. This time it was a photo cube turned to a different picture and one of my portrait pictures turned on its side. I also realised that my parents puppy, Alfie, is a David Attenborough fan as he was mesmerised watching it (see photo).

How has your week been?

Also, randomly, anyone know of anything that I can ask my Dad from the US? He's currently in South Carolina and asked what I wanted. So far I have 'Jolly Rancher' sweets...

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