Sunday, 6 May 2012

Instagram #3

I did have something else planned for today but it was too dark to take the final pics for it last night :(. I hopefully will get it up tomorrow and to be honest, I'm pretty nervous about it. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy my instagram post instead :).

Rekordelig/Pub food/Glittery nails/Bandage the quail chick/
getting organised/weird/Bandage again with splint/Animals of Farthing wood (yes it really was morbid)/
trying out new eyeliner/lunchtime read/next packaging/inside/
even more inside/Starfish ring/Blog mail/healthy basket

This week I have been eating out lots, help nurse a sick quail for an evening (Hi Bandage!), trying out new products, receiving pretty parcels and reading bizarre things. Also if you look at the Animals of Farthing wood picture, it shows mice on sticks - quite morbid for something I used to watch as a 6 year old. I knew I wasn't keen on it then but really for a kids program?


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