Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Flying the flag for Britain...

Recently I was given the chance to style either an Olympic or Paralympic scarf from Next. As a huge Olympic fan, I couldn't wait to do it. There is something of the Olympics that I adore - I'm not sure if it's the variety of events over the period, watching the medal table or the stirring of childhood memories watching it. Whatever it is, I get extremely excited.

I received the small Paralympic scarf which retails at £5. All scarves come in 2 sizes - large or small. Large retails at £10 whilst the small size is £5. All profits will go to the British Olympic Association.

The Paralympic scarf:
The lion symbolises the courage, talent and determination of the GB athletes and the 60 hands along the bottom represent the sixty million supporters. I really love the lion design as I think it is a great symbol to represent the team as lions are naturally strong.

The Wrist wrap:

The first way I styled it was as a wrist wrap/bracelet. I thought that seeing as the scarf had the date and a slogan on it, you could use either to form the basis of the wrap. The first time, I experimented with the date and the 2nd time I used the slogan at the bottom. 

The bag scarf:

My 2nd way of styling this scarf was simply tying it to my bag. It is a simple way of making a bag look more stylish and admittedly something I do not do enough of. 

What do you think of these ways to style the scarf? Are you looking forward to supporting team GB in the Olympics? Did any of you get tickets (I did not :() 

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  1. I like to tire mine to my bag too! Or wear it on my head, I've had a lot of comments from work when I wear it them. Quite a few people have asked wear I got it from ;)


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