Monday, 28 May 2012

Coconut & Sweet Almond intensive conditioner

If I'm perfectly honest, looking after my hair is probably low on my priorities. However, recently I have been trying to pay more attention to how I look after my hair. Intensive conditioners is one of the products that I have been looking into as my hair can be fairly dry and is damaged. I already had Soap & Glory's Hair Supply (which I love) and I recently acquired Superdrug's Coconut & Sweet Almond intensive conditioner for a whole 79p (which I think was on offer, although it's normally around £1.49).

Overall I really liked this product. I wouldn't say it's any better than my Soap & Glory one, nor will I say that it is worse. After being left on for 5 mins and washed off, my hair was left feeling like it had life in it again. I loved the size of the tub - 375ml is fairly large and will last me a while - and the coconut smell. A final thing I loved was the fact that it is not tested on animals and is also suitable for vegetarians.

Have you tried anything from Superdrug's own range? What intensive conditioners do you recommend?


  1. I think I will be needing this after my holiday next month.. I dread to think how sad my hair will be after chlorine and seasalt every day!! £0.79 is such a bargain!! I just bought my mum stuff that was £6!! (John Freda blonde) Have you notice if it make your hair greasy quickly? That is always my worry. xx

    1. I don't think it does, but I will get back to you :)

  2. This sounds lovely, I love coconut scented products!



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