Saturday, 21 April 2012

MAC: Prep and Prime Skin base visage

Attempting to get the sparkly packaging - I'm such a magpie. Glitter and it's mine.

Until about 6 months ago, I had never used a primer. It wasn't until I ordered some MAC goodies that I received a small sample of this product. Once the product ran out, I immediately purchased the full-size. The full-size retails at £18.50 for 30ml. Yes, this is a lot of hard earned money at once for something so small. However, I found that I only need to use one pump a day. One pump is plenty for your face with a tiny bit left over. The liquid is white when it comes out and once applied it glides on so smoothly. It's so smooth that you will be touching your face to feel the smoothness all day (not advised as 1)you will look like a prize idiot and 2) hands have lots of germs). Now the question is: does it actually do as it says? I think the answer is yes. I found that my make-up (especially foundation) did stay on and looked fresher for much longer. The only time it didn't was today when I got caught in a torrential downpour, where it actually felt like I had been swimming. It was that bad. I honestly don't think whatever primer you used would have held onto that make-up. Since using this primer, I have found that overall my skin is much better.This is probably due to the fact that my make-up is not going directly onto my face, rather onto the primer which acts as a barrier. I also found that I have nowhere near as much blemishes and the other day I even ventured out (not far I may add) without my usual haul of make-up on. Result!

Would I buy this primer again? Yes, most definitely!


  1. I reaaaallly need to start using a primer, I have no idea why I don't!
    I have millions of makeup/beauty products but no primer! This one sounds amazing though, great review :) x

    1. Thanks :). A primer never used to be high up on my make-up wishlist - its was all about the pretty lipsticks and nail varnishes.

  2. I looked at the price and thought "God, that's a lot" but now thinking about it, I paid £23.50 for 22ml of Benefit porefessional. Granted, it seems to do a lot of the same things as you've mentioned above but more money for less product - I think I'll try the MAC when this runs out!


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