Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday spotlight #5

Wow, I've not done one of these in a very long time! I think the last one was way back in August.

This week's Sunday Spotlight is a blog which I have adored ever since I starting reading blogs which was near enough 2 years ago. The blog in question is called Sailboat which is written by Jennie.

Jennie writes a variety of different posts from beauty reviews to posting instagrams of what she has been up to. She also has a really cute bunny called Ralphie who appears from time to time (as well as taking over his mama's blog) and more recently a puppy called Bailey (I'm a huge animal lover, can you tell?)

I really enjoy reading Sailboat as 1)it has amazing photography and 2) it is written in a style which is easy to relate to. When reading it feels as if Jennie is in the same room as you rather than many miles away in a completely different country. This is personally my favourite type of blog to read. I like to be able to relate to the blogger and not feel silly. 

Sailboat is one of the first blogs that I click on when looking at Bloglovin. There hasn't been a post which I haven't read and for all the reasons I've mentioned above, I don't, for a minute, think you will want to miss out.

Find Sailboat at:
Jennie is also on Youtube:


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