Saturday, 24 March 2012

High St vs High end #2 - Eye make-up removers

One of my must-haves in my skincare collection is a good eye make-up remover. There is nothing truly worse than waking up in the morning with an extreme case of panda eyes or even worse eye make-up remover which doesn't do its job.

Ever since I started wearing make-up, I've always had one around and it isn't surprising to see that I've tried a fair few brands. I like make-up removers to do as they say and I hate,I repeat hate, being left make-up that just won't budge.

Contender 1 - Estee Lauder Gentle Eye make-up remover

This was part of a gift that my friend bought me back from holiday. It is a travel sized version (30ml) which is perfect for weekends when you don't want to take a large bottle away. The full size is 100ml and the rrp is £17.50. Now onto the important question: does this actually remove make-up 100%? The answer is no. I didn't like it as it was too greasy for me - I honestly felt like I had washed sunflower oil on my face. It took me a lot of effort to remove my make-up. This product doesn't do it for me at all, not one bit. Sorry high end.

Contender 2 - Superdrug essentials eye make-up remover

This product was purchased by a stroke of luck. It was the week of payday and I had about £2 to my name to last me the last few days. This is the same time my eye make-up remover decided to run out. Due to having no funds, I bought this one for a whole 99p, thinking that when I got paid I could replace it with another one, one which might actually work (I had no hope for this one). I never did replace it. This product surprised me immensely. It takes no time at all to remove make-up, even waterproof mascara. Your eyes feel really refreshed as well. Admittedly, it does sting if you get it in your eye, but then again anything in your eye is sore. I was (and still am) impressed with this product: does the job it sets out to do and also has a remarkable rrp price.

Which one will you be using?

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  1. Oh I might have to try the first one, just because I love this brand. I cant say I wasnt warned though.


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