Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday spotlight #5

Wow, I've not done one of these in a very long time! I think the last one was way back in August.

This week's Sunday Spotlight is a blog which I have adored ever since I starting reading blogs which was near enough 2 years ago. The blog in question is called Sailboat which is written by Jennie.

Jennie writes a variety of different posts from beauty reviews to posting instagrams of what she has been up to. She also has a really cute bunny called Ralphie who appears from time to time (as well as taking over his mama's blog) and more recently a puppy called Bailey (I'm a huge animal lover, can you tell?)

I really enjoy reading Sailboat as 1)it has amazing photography and 2) it is written in a style which is easy to relate to. When reading it feels as if Jennie is in the same room as you rather than many miles away in a completely different country. This is personally my favourite type of blog to read. I like to be able to relate to the blogger and not feel silly. 

Sailboat is one of the first blogs that I click on when looking at Bloglovin. There hasn't been a post which I haven't read and for all the reasons I've mentioned above, I don't, for a minute, think you will want to miss out.

Find Sailboat at:
Jennie is also on Youtube:

Saturday, 24 March 2012

High St vs High end #2 - Eye make-up removers

One of my must-haves in my skincare collection is a good eye make-up remover. There is nothing truly worse than waking up in the morning with an extreme case of panda eyes or even worse eye make-up remover which doesn't do its job.

Ever since I started wearing make-up, I've always had one around and it isn't surprising to see that I've tried a fair few brands. I like make-up removers to do as they say and I hate,I repeat hate, being left make-up that just won't budge.

Contender 1 - Estee Lauder Gentle Eye make-up remover

This was part of a gift that my friend bought me back from holiday. It is a travel sized version (30ml) which is perfect for weekends when you don't want to take a large bottle away. The full size is 100ml and the rrp is £17.50. Now onto the important question: does this actually remove make-up 100%? The answer is no. I didn't like it as it was too greasy for me - I honestly felt like I had washed sunflower oil on my face. It took me a lot of effort to remove my make-up. This product doesn't do it for me at all, not one bit. Sorry high end.

Contender 2 - Superdrug essentials eye make-up remover

This product was purchased by a stroke of luck. It was the week of payday and I had about £2 to my name to last me the last few days. This is the same time my eye make-up remover decided to run out. Due to having no funds, I bought this one for a whole 99p, thinking that when I got paid I could replace it with another one, one which might actually work (I had no hope for this one). I never did replace it. This product surprised me immensely. It takes no time at all to remove make-up, even waterproof mascara. Your eyes feel really refreshed as well. Admittedly, it does sting if you get it in your eye, but then again anything in your eye is sore. I was (and still am) impressed with this product: does the job it sets out to do and also has a remarkable rrp price.

Which one will you be using?

Saturday, 17 March 2012

My venture into Glossybox!

I'm sure most of you reading this will have heard about the craze that is sweeping around the blogosphere that is beauty boxes. Initially curious, I waited a while to decide if I it would be worth doing (and could I afford to do it per month), then last month (about 6 months after I originally thought of doing it), I subscribed. With so many options, I couldn't decide which one to subscribe to. In the end I settled for Glossybox, as looking at previous boxes, I preferred some of their boxes compared to others. Admittedly with a beauty box, you do run the risk of not liking it and I know for a fact some subscribers feel pretty let down when they open their box. In my opinion, that is the risk you take! You subscribe to a mystery box and run that risk and shouldn't blame the company. If you wanted to pick your products - go to boots and pick your own!

Glossybox sends the subscriber a mixture of 5 high-end products - usually samples, although occasionally full-sized (although I've seen complaints about not enough full-sized - what?). Sometimes the boxes are themed, like this months, which was Harrods, others are not. I can't really say which I prefer as my first one was a themed box :).

Now onto the exciting part - just what was in my themed Glossybox this month?

Ooooh official green ribbon....

What was in it:

Valentino -Valentina perfume sample
Shu Uemura - Cleansing beauty oil sample
Molton Brown - Vitalising Vitamin AB+C Bath and Shower
Lancome - Hypnose Drama Mascara
Clarins - extra firming body cream
SKII - Skin signature

My favourite item is actually the Valentina perfume sample. It is such a gorgeous scent and is something that I can see myself wearing. I've already been looking to see how much it is. The thing I'm a bit meh with (if I had to pick one) is the Molton Brown shower gel. I have so many shower gels and we also have a Molton Brown shop in Aberdeen.

Overall, I really enjoyed my first Glossybox experience. From getting the initial shipping email to receiving the box in my hands was literally superspeed. The products were well-packaged - no worry of damaged goods there - and the presentation was gorgeous. The box that it comes in is also surprisingly strong and is perfect for my make-up storage :). I feel that Glossybox is a company which, in my opinion, has excellent customer service skills as I always see them tweeting on twitter,which is nice to see. It shows that they are brand which interacts with their customers as well as providing them with a great service.

Glossybox subscription is £12.95 per month (includes £2.95 p+p) and is available from

Friday, 9 March 2012

Monthly favourites: February

Is it March already? Surely not. I swear I must sleep for days at a time. In February, I found that I was using nothing frequently apart from the items I have detailed below. I swapped products around as much as I had hot dinners.

L-R: Vaseline Creme Brulee, Boots Simply Sensitive Toner, 17 Mirror Shine lipstick in Belle

I've never been one pay much attention to skincare at all (bad Amey!), however recently I have been paying much more attention. I picked up this toner in Boots while I was on my lunchbreak one day. I like it as a toner although I've got nothing to compare it to (any recommendations?). It removes the last traces of my make-up and leaves my skin feeling pretty happy.

When I heard that Vaseline were releasing a Creme Brulee version, I was desperate to get my hands on it. Initially, it was only sold in Selfridges, Boots then decided to stock it which is where I found it. I have been applying this heaps during February as my lips have been really dry.

Yet another Mirror Shine lipstick, this time in 'Belle'. 'Belle' is a pinky colour which goes on sheer, which you can easily build up to the desired colour. This is probably the lipstick I have been wearing the most this month.

What do you think of this months favourites?