Saturday, 7 January 2012

A (very) Panda Christmas...

With the festive season just over, i'm savouring on to every last moment. I'm making some mince pies tomorrow with some mincemeat I have and I threw away my advent calender just this morning. Whilst i'm holding on, it seems apt to share with you my festive period.

Christmas admittedly, wasn't the best. I was looking forward to it for weeks, but unfortunately my mum got really ill on Christmas Day and spent most of it either in the bathroom or tucked up in bed :(. Beforehand my parents had arranged for us to go to Edinburgh Zoo on Christmas Day to see the recent panda arrivals. My Mum didn't want to let us down so she insisted that we go. Edinburgh Zoo was surprisingly busy - I was shocked how many families were out and about. Normally, I like nothing better than relaxing at home in PJs/lounging around the house clothes on Christmas Day but this Christmas I was out and about. The pandas were...oh my, they were gorgeous!! The male was much more outgoing than the female and enjoyed playing up to the waiting crowd. The male was hand-reared from a cub and therefore was much more used to people. I wanted to snuggle them! My Dad adored them as well, although he was more surprised by the size of the Sea Eagle which has recently been re-introduced into Scotland. He is a bird fanatic - birds of prey in particular. I really think he would enjoy a falconry experience sometime....hmmm.

Male Panda -Yang Guan ('Sunshine')

Paws up if you got a visit from Santa!

Did someone say strike a pose?


Female Panda - Tian Tian ('Sweetie')

I said no more pictures!

A few other animals

Dear Santa...

A Scottish native who decided he wanted a turn in the spotlight.

Gentoo penguin on a diving board?

Once we had returned from Edinburgh Zoo, we had a lovely little dinner which was cooked by both myself and Dad. After that we opened some pressies.

Here is a selection of pressies (admittedly I was extremely spoiled by everyone!):

Selection of DVDs

Massive mug, owl cushion and loose leaf teapot 

Selection of books

Selection of make-up/jewellery - The make-up bag is from Ollie and Nic.

Photography items and an awesome tealight holder. The Diana I already had but got a 35mm back for it.

Kindle and video camera :)

Camera lens mug :)

I was certainly spoiled this Christmas. Everyone knows me so well, especially my Mum :).

I'm sad that both Christmas and New Year are over, but I'm looking forward to this year so much. I've got lots to plan and lots to look forward too :)


  1. Ohh, your presents truly look amazing! <3 I would love to try the vintage tea party book!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  2. The vintage tea party book is amazing. I'm really looking forward to trying it :)


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