Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012 goals...

Darwin - fully pouched.
What could be a more appropriate picture for after the festive period?

I'm back from a lovely festive season including an amazing New Year (Ceilidhs ftw). I received some lovely presents for Xmas (which I will be showing very soon) and spent my time eating a bit too much. Therefore it can only mean it's time to set some new goals for the year. If you've been reading Teacups from this time last year, you may remember I did a 2011 goal post which you can find here.

Here is what I wanted to achieve last year:
Get up earlier
Find a new job
More creative output
Keep posting and improving 'Teacups and Buttondrops'
Become more domesticated

As you can see from the list above, I have managed to achieve several of the above. Some more so than others: I'm still hunting for a new job that pays a bit more than just my bills, I've got plans for a massive creative output or two and the gym is coming along nicely,although not as much as I would like to to be able to score it off.

I've decided that 2012 goals will be slightly different. I want to achieve some goals that are achievable within one day as well as some goals that are long-term. 

So here's the current list as of 4/1/12:

001) Find a new job
002) Go to the gym at least 3 times per week
003) Launch creative project 1
004) Launch creative project 2
005) Watch Trainspotting
006) Get my first tattoo
007) Decorate my bedroom
008) Paint my hallway
009) Visit home more often to see my parents
010) Be less materialistic
011) See much more of my friends
012) Run/jog/walk Race for life
013) Read the Hunger Games
014) Read the Virgin Suicides
015) Re-tune my drawing skills ie re-learn to draw (I seem to have left my ability behind in school)
016) Participate in p52 @
017) Shoot more rolls of film (target: 10 rolls)
018) Film some videos for YouTube (target: 5 videos)
019) Learn to use my sewing machine
020) Print out much more of my photography
021) Read The Picture of Dorian Gray
022)Write some creative pieces (target: 3 pieces)
023) Comment on many more blogs
024) Read The Scarlet Letter

The list was originally only going to be about 15 items, but I seem to have added more....oops!! I will keep adding/editing it so keep checking back to find out where I am. 

Anyway, after watching 4 episodes of season 4 of gossip girl tonight while writing this post, I'm now away to go and do my physio (which hurts :() and read my kindle for a bit.

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