Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A bit of this and that...

Missed me? To be honest I've not really had much to blog about recently. I hate posting for the sake of posting. I like to spend time putting 100% effort into posts. Also I don't see how people a) find the time to post daily and b)have enough interesting things to say which are non-repetitive.Maybe I'm just alone in these thoughts? Maybe I'm just not interesting?

Anyway enough of that, here is a small selection things:

1) I finally managed to curl my hair using my babyliss curling wand.It's easy and took me approximately 15 mins to do my whole head.
2)I have become addicted to cheese on crumpets.
3)I have 6 bottles of Rose wine which were given to me by my neighbour for looking after the cats. Anyone fancy coming round for a party :p?
4) I'm slowly becoming addicted to 'I'm a celeb'. I'm not a fan of reality shows, not even X-Factor, but considering Dougie from McFly is in there, I feel the need to watch it :).

Hello Dougie!

5) Recently I have developed a strange urge to go the gym at random times in the morning - 6.30am anyone? To be honest, I like going as it gets it out of the way and at that time it is still quite quiet. The only thing I don't enjoy is walking down in the dark - I keep thinking a bad person will attack me....

That's enough for now! Any other jungle lovers out there?

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