Sunday, 23 October 2011

London Montage...

I've been to London a few times this year and needless to say I haven't actually blogged about any of it. I thought I would do a little montage of the trips :). Enjoy!

The Firth of Forth at 5am

We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz (Yes, we did see it!)

A certain mohawk rebel who likes to throw people in trashcans above :)

Some Camden town

 This man has a box on his head....

That was a lot, wasn't it? Comprised of three separate trips - Glee, Hen Weekend and the wedding (which was outside London but I still include it). I hoped you enjoyed looking at them.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Cullen in a blur...

Last weekend, I decided to surprise my mum while she was up in Cullen with my dad and the dogs. My dad was already let in on the secret as I had to make sure that they were both in and hadn't escaped to the pub. When my mum answered the door, I couldn't have got a better reaction. The dogs were surprised to see me too and pretty much spent the next half an hour beside themselves - Barney decided to be my shadow for the remainder of the time while Alfie used every opportunity to play with me :). Overall, I had a lovely time up there with them as I haven't been up for so long, despite living much closer to Cullen than my parents.

Below is a montage of sorts:

Please excuse the serious camera shake,dodgy editing and the amount of time spent filming the dogs. I also need something else to film with as a P&S doesn't cut it :(.

Also if you wish to see a fantastic video diary of Scotland (which features Cullen), then look no further than Gem's. You can find pt1 here, pt2 here and pt3 here. Also,if you haven't already, you should look at her blog which you can find here.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Monthly Favourites #3

Every month I seem to comment on how fast the previous month has gone, it's true - it does go fast. As we grow older, time seems to whizz by so quickly. It's insane. So without further ado I present the September Favourites.

September was a difficult month to pick as I was reusing a lot of my favourite items. I could have probably written about 20 different items, but I limited it to 5.

 The lucky five are: Superdrug's Eye make-up remover, Johnson's Cleansing lotion, Rimmel eyeshadows in both Spicy Bronze and Royal Gold and The Body Shop Vibrant Rose blusher.

This product is from Superdrug's Essential range. Originally I bought this as I had run out of eye make-up remover and being the week before payday, I had about £4 to my name. This product is only 99p and I can say it is one of the best eye make-up removers I have ever used. It is non-greasy unlike some more expensive brands (I'm looking at you, Estee Lauder), and leaves my eyes clean and refreshed. I have repurchased this since my original bottle and I will continue to do so. Normally I am skeptical about anything in basic ranges, but since trying this I may well venture further.

 This product is another one which I use daily. I was sent this by a magazine to test out. Overall I really like it and if I go away and don't take it for whatever reason, I feel quite lost without it (Wow, thats quite sad). It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and 'clean'. I'm not sure what this retails for but I think I would certainly repurchase.

Blushers are, without a doubt, my make-up downfall. Like my Friday Five posts which more often than not feature food, my monthly favourites tend to feature blusher. This month my blusher of choice is The Body Shop's Vibrant Rose. This blusher comes with a springy applicator which springs down when closed. It is fairly pigmented which means that you don't need a lot. I tend to put the tiniest bit on and blend it out with a brush. This retails at £5, although when I bought it it was a lot cheaper as it was in the sale.

My eyeshadow collection mainly consists of neutral shades for during the day. These two were a bargain at £1 each and combined together, they currently form the basis of my daily eyeshadow which I switch around frequently. I love both colours as much as each other.

What do you think of this months favourites? Are there any which you will be purchasing?