Sunday, 11 September 2011

Where were you?

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My heart goes out to all those affected by 9/11. To those families and friends who lost loved ones and to the emergency services who responded to the call of duty.

Ten years ago today, where were you when the atrocious terrorist attacks on New York, Washington and Pennsylvania happened?
Me? I was off school on an in-service day when the first plane hit. I remember watching the footage and just being overwhelmed with shock and emotion. From a small village in Scotland, I was in denial that this was happening across the pond. Even now, ten years on, it seems like it's not real.

Watching some of the footage earlier today, I was reminded of the shock I felt when I was watching the drama unfold. Its bizarre how an event ten years later, can stir up the same original emotions. I cannot even imagine how the relatives and friends felt (and still feel to this day).

Right at this moment, my Dad is flying to New York and I'll admit, I'm scared. I know that security is extremely tight but after seeing a few days ago about another threat, I'm a bit apprehensive. After I told my dad not to go, he laughed it off as he usually does and said he'll be fine as he's an ex-RAF serviceman (Sergeant to be precise). Not that this provided much reassurance. Therefore, I've made him promise to email me every day (pathetic I know) but at least i'll have some reassurance. Truth be told, I won't stop worrying until he is back.

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