Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Happy Birthday!!

Teacups and Buttondrops is officially one year old today :).

I can't believe one: how time has passed so quickly and two: I've managed to keep blogging which, if you know me, is a big achievement.

Things I have learnt this past year:
Blog stats are not everything.
A good post is well-written (go back to my archives if you dare - the posts are cringey)
Good photos are key - they don't have to be from an SLR, most of mine come from my phone (again go back to my archives if you dare)
Bloggers are lovely.
Twitter has overtaken my facebook addiction, thanks to the lovely bloggers who I follow (and who follow me). I have been amused by so many tweets over the past year.

All in all a big thank you from me :). I have lots more in store for Teacups and Buttondrops in the future.

Oh, Darwin would like to say hi. He feels he hasn't taken over shown his face in a while.

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