Sunday, 20 January 2019

Life | The Sunday Edit #003...


This week...has been just one simply of those weeks. You all know the kind of week that I mean. Thankfully it is over and a brand new one is now in its place.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Eats | Malteaser Rocky Road...


Rocky Road is one of my favourite sweet treats and it is one of the quickest to make. In addition, it is also one of the most customisable sweet treats you can do.

Chocolate-wise, I'll eat most things (apart from coffee flavoured sweets - yuck!) but for the past few months it has been all about the Malteasers. And with that in mind, I decided to make Malteaser Rocky Road.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Life | The Sunday Edit #002...


I have NO idea where this week has went. It's been a blur of work/gym/early bed/repeat.

On Sunday I headed up to Newburgh with a couple of friends to see the seals that are resident there. Honestly, there are so many up there and they are so noisy. They are also curious critters too: swimming up and down watching every step you take. One note if you do fancy popping up to see them, park on the correct side (turning down past the Newburgh Inn/Golf Club to get to the car park). The reason for this is so no-one disturbs them and if startled, they may trample the pups and we definitely don't want that! Dogs are allowed but they must be on a lead (again to protect the seals and also themselves as surprisingly seals do attack).

Following seal-spotting, we then headed into the Newburgh Inn for a pub lunch. Nothing says Sunday like a roast dinner in good company. It was actually a pretty good roast if I may say so.

This week I've also mainly binge-watched the Marie Kondo program on Netflix. Now I want to organise everything in my life and be left with the things that 'spark joy'. I also managed to finish her book too (which I had in a half-read state for about a year).

On Friday, I had a suspected leak in my flat going downstairs (joys of owning a flat).However, it soon transpired that there was nothing leaking in my flat at all and that it may be one of the pipes in the hallway.

This week ended with another visit to Stonehaven to see my friend.We went for a walk in the woods with all the pups, drank all the tea and ate cake and waffles. It was a pretty good Saturday. Much better than my Saturday morning where a gym session left me feeling very sick (a run followed by a 2K row is not good!)