Wednesday, 4 June 2014

GlossyBox: Superdrug turns 50!

Superdrug is one of the nation's favourite drugstores and they have been for 50 years. Yes,you heard me right: 50 years! To celebrate this special occasion, GlossyBox teamed up with Superdrug to bring us a delightfully themed box featuring some of the huge range of products that they stock.

Overall,I thought this box was a pretty good box and it wasn't because the majority of the products were full-sized. I liked the products. Although, they are products I can pick up instore, they are not the usual brands that I go for. For instance, Scholl is a brand that I would normally avoid completely as they deal with feet and I hate feet (my poor neglected feet...). Each of these products in this box has pushed me into trying something new. Would I ever own an orange lipstick if it hadn't been for this box? Probably not. 

What did you think of this month's GlossyBox?