Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Witch Skincare...

As I have got much older, my skin seems to have got much worse in regards to breakouts etc. Due to this, I will usually include some sort of anti-blemish treatment in my day-to-day routine to help keep them down to a minimum.

Witch Skincare is my go-to brand for this. They have a wide range of products in their range which includes everything from facial washes to concealers. Each product contains Witch Hazel which reduces any excess oil on your skin as well as acting as the perfect cleanser and toner.

I have repurchased this I don't know how many times. This is a product which I use every single day (apart from on no make-up days!) as part of my daily make-up routine. Personally I don't like putting concealer on blemishes but I do with this one as it treats the blemish at the same time.

This is something that I have been using every night before bed. It's a simple gel stick to sweep over the blemish. Sadly this one is almost out and it will be retiring to my product empties box shortly.

This is the replacement I have bought instead of the above. Pretty much the same product but in a gel formula. So far I have been really enjoying this one.

Have you tried anything from Witch? If so, what is your favourite product?

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  1. I bought the concealer stick because of this post!! Its a life saver!! ;)


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