Wednesday, 15 January 2014

HP Slate tablet review...

HP Slate review, tablet, Currys

Before Christmas, I treated myself to a new tablet. I already own an iPad which I love but I wanted something that was easier for me to take to work as I tend to have a lot of stuff with me. Therefore, when shopping for my Dad's ipad mini, I came across the HP Slate.

The HP Slate tablet is similar in size to the iPad mini which makes it great for work. It is android based and having owned a HTC phone prior to my iPhone, I find it user-friendly. The only downside is I keep hunting for a centre home button like the apple products which it doesn't have (it's on the screen instead).

The apps available to this device are endless. I have kept my apps on this device purely to ones I use for blogging at the moment as normally that is what I use it for. There are a couple of apps I haven't been able to find (convieniently blogger and instagram) but I did find a great alternative to Blogger which is Blogit! It is essentially blogger with a different name.

I'll admit that i've not really tested out the camera although from what I've tested the camera isn't too shabby.

One final thing that has impressed me with this device is the fact that you can wirelessly print if you have a wireless printer (not sure if it has to be a HP one) which is great for any photos you take and as far as I know (I could be wrong) that is something that you can't do with other tablets.

Overall, I really like this tablet. It is user-friendly and has plenty of apps to entertain (forgot to say it has Beats audio). It is also the perfect travel companion.I would also say that this tablet is a great starting point for anyone that wants to venture into the world of tablets but doesn't necessarily want to shell out a huge amount of money.

HP Slate Tablet retails for £178.99 and is available at  Currys/PCWorld

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