Thursday, 5 December 2013

Sunkissed instant self-tanning mousse...

With summer long past and winter months setting in, gone are the days of a natural tan. Unlike some, who are able to get away for some winter sun, most of us have to fake it.

As part of the Scottish Blogger Network Christmas Collaboration, I was given a bottle of Sunkissed Instant Self-tanning mousse in medium bronze* to try along with a mitt for application.

Sunkissed Instant Self Tanning Mousse Scottish Blogger Network

Now I am going to be honest and say I don't tan too often (I'm lazy!) and I seem to sport a pale,interesting look for 90% of the year. This is also partly due to the fact I worked in fashion retail for many years and spotted some, let's say, interesting results on my shifts. However, despite this, I do love the look of a golden tan so I was looking forward to trying out this product.

This product is in the form of a mousse which in my opinion is generally much easier to work with. It comes in a large bottle (200ml) with a pump at the top and it smells amazing (it truly does!).  After using this product,I have found that it is easy to work with, and for someone who is not a frequent user of tan, completely user-friendly. The colour was pretty build-able too which is great as you can vary how deep you want your tan.

Sunkissed Instant Self Tanning Mousse Scottish Blogger Network
Day 1 (after application)

Sunkissed Instant Self-tanning mousse Scottish Blogger Network
Day 3 (after showers etc)

As you can see the tan fades slowly which is great.Even now, sitting here a couple of days after taking the last picture, there is still a noticeable difference between my tanned areas (my legs) and areas that aren't.

Overall, I enjoyed using this product. It has definitely encouraged me to try fake tan more often as I found the process so easy and surprisingly enjoyable.

Sunkissed Instant Self-Tanning mousse* retails for £4.99 and is available online here

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