Thursday, 19 December 2013

Pure by Phytocare Papaya Ointment...

Let's be honest, this weather has been completely unpredictable for Winter.One minute it is in the minus temperatures , then the next it is as warm as a spring day. Needless to say it has been playing havoc with my lips.

PURE Papaya Ointment Scottish Blogger Network

As part of the Scottish Blogger Network Christmas Collaboration, I was provided with Pure Papaya Ointment to review. Made out of entirely natural ingredients (with Papaya taking centre stage) and with no petrochemicals, this product  is a great source of nutrients and vitamins. As well as being a natural product, this product also has a multitude of uses -from use on dry,cracked lips to moisten and soften nipples while breastfeeding.

Quite simply, this product is amazing.It is super moisturising and I did notice an improvement in the appearance of my lips - much less of the crackle and more of the smooth. I actually gave my friend some to try out as well as I was really impressed with it and she said she enjoyed using it too. In addition to the above,I also noticed that it smelled incredible.

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  1. It sounds great!!! I have never heard of this brand bt it's always interesting to read about something new :-)
    How does it look like with the Scottish Blogger Network? Do you get any confirmation once applied? I applied there and haven't heard anything from them.


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