Wednesday, 11 December 2013

NSpa Cleansing Gel...

If I was to be asked what my favourite type of cleanser was, I would definitely say gel cleansers. I think I prefer that formula much more than any other type.

As part of the Scottish Blogger Network Christmas Collaboration, I was given NSpa melting gel cleanser to try out.

NSPA melting gel cleanser Scottish Blogger Network Christmas Collaboration

Now first thing you notice with this product is the smell. I wouldn't say that it was overpowering in a way that would make you not want to use it but quite the opposite. It has a familiar smell which I can't quite pinpoint (floral perhaps?) but it's lovely anyway.

As the name clearly states, it is a gel formula. It remains in this state until water is added where it turns into almost a milk-type formula which can be washed away.

I really enjoyed using this product and would definitely recommend it. It is simple to use and non-messy. Once applied (and consequently removed), it leaves your skin feeling super smooth and removes most make-up which gets in the way. 

NSpa melting gel cleanser retails for £6 and is available exclusively at Asda

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  1. That sounds a bit like Clarins Cleansing Gel which I use but at £6 that product is significantly cheaper than Clarins! :) I'm always worried to change products in case it brings me out in spots.


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