Saturday, 23 November 2013

FABB events Glasgow...

FABB event Glasgow, cupcakes, Teacups & Buttondrops

Early mornings are usually my worst nightmare...unless I have got somewhere exciting to be. A month or so ago, I rolled out of bed at 5.30am and set off down to Glasgow for FABB Glasgow. FABB events are events for bloggers run by a couple of amazing bloggers - Tor and Ray. So far, they have had events in Leeds,Manchester, Newcastle and now Glasgow.

Once I was down in Glasgow, I met up with one of my friends for a short while and I had the most amazing pancake,ice-cream and maple syrup in The Willow Tearooms. Afterwards, I hot-footed it across to Merchant City Square where I met up with Laura, Kirsty and Laura (who had also travelled from Aberdeen) as well as Rachel.

This event was held upstairs in Fanelli's in Merchant City Square. Having resided with my parents for the best part of 17 years in a town around 20 minutes away, I had never ventured into this area of Glasgow until now.With plenty of food/drink choices and stunning interior, Merchant City Square is definitely worthy of a visit.

FABB Glasgow Teacups & Buttondrops

FABB events Glasgow, Cocoa Brown, Teacups & ButtondropsFABB Glasgow, Lush lip scrub santa, Teacups & Buttondrops

FABB Glasgow, Lush, Teacups & Buttondrops

At this event, there was not only the opportunity to meet other Scottish bloggers but also to talk to brands that you may not have experienced before.In fact, I think there was only one brand I had previously heard of at the event and that was Lush which generally I love anyway. I didn't purchase anything from them at the time,although I must say the Buchanan Street girls certainly convinced me to give some of the limited edition Christmas goodies a go at some point especially the Santa lip scrub.

FABB events Glasgow, Teacups & Buttondrops, Beauty Kitchen

One of the brands which did strike a particular chord with me was Beauty Kitchen. As someone who is a fan of natural based products (skincare particularly), I was pretty taken with them as their products are 100% natural. They also source products from local sources as much as possible as well as using pre-cycled and recycled packaging.A great idea if you ask me.

Despite the extremely early start and almost missing my bus on the way home (I literally had a minute to spare thanks to Glasgow traffic!), I had a brilliant time at the event and it was definitely worth travelling down for.

Thank you to both Tor & Ray for organising FABB Glasgow!

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer...

If there is one product which would be an everyday essential for any beauty lover, then  it would have to be concealer. As someone who tries to look as fresh-faced as possible without having huge dark circles under my eyes, a concealer definitely tops my list and it's safe to say, over the years, I have tried many brands.

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing concealer celebrity Drew Barrymore Gossip Girl
Amazing Concealer £19.50 *

Recently, I was sent a concealer by Amazing Cosmetics aptly named Amazing Concealer. This is a concealer which is loved by celebrities and celebrity make-up artists alike and has been used on many top TV shows such as Gossip Girl and Glee. This product can be used on any sort of imperfection/skin issues,big or small, for example blemishes, dark circles and rosacea. One of the selling points of this concealer is the unique blend of the formula which is key to its performance. It also comes in a 10 different shades (my shade is Fair Golden) which means making a perfect match to your skin tone couldn't be easier.

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing concealer celebrity Drew Barrymore Gossip Girl

I have to say with all my heart, that I truly love this product. It is great at concealing dark circles which is what it is designed for. One slight issue that I had with it was that I found it slightly too sticky for my liking. However, this is probably also one of the reasons that makes it a great product as it doesn't come off easily like other concealers. In addition to the above, I also had a issue with the packaging as with this product you do not need to use much at all - a little pinhead is sufficient enough to use.  Therefore,with this product being in a tube, it is all too easy to squeeze out and use too much product. If I was to change the packaging, I think a small tub would be sufficient enough.

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer retails at £29.50 (15m) or £19.50 (6ml) and is available from Marks & Spencers or online.
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