Thursday, 31 October 2013

A wee place by the sea...

As you may have seen in my recent post here, I recently spent a weekend up in Cullen. Cullen is probably one of the most beautiful fishing towns in North East Scotland (Yes, I am slightly bias!) and has many,many years of fishing history behind it. From painted cottages to the landmark viaducts which engulf the Seatown, Cullen is a place where memories are made and, I have to admit, plenty of ice-cream & the infamous Cullen Skink soup (£3 a tin in the supermarkets.....say whaaaaat!) is eaten.

With my Dad being a Cullen 'loon' ( or boy for those not familiar with Doric),  we have always spent many a holiday here and we are lucky enough to have a fishing cottage to escape to.

Our cottage has been recently renovated and is almost near completion for holiday letting. Therefore, I thought I would show you a little of the cottage as it is at the moment (excuse the mess!).So sit down, buckle up as I take you on a whistle-stop tour of the cottage:

Cullen, holiday, cottage
Wet room/Shower room - ideal if you've just come back from the beach

Cullen, holiday, cottage
Fully fitted kitchen - Dad's mess!

Cullen, holiday, cottage
New living room - it was originally my Granny's 'best room'

Cullen, holiday, cottage
Dining room (with new fireplace) - used to be my Granny's living room 

Cullen, holiday, cottage
Up the stairs we go...

Cullen, holiday, cottage
Bedroom 1&3 (both have the same layout) - my mess this time!

Cullen, holiday, cottage
Bedroom 2

Cullen, holiday, cottage

If I'm honest, I think my parents have done a pretty good job of it. Now I just need to sort the website....

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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Autumn love...

The shift from Summer to Autumn is definitely one of my favourite times of year. I love being tucked up warm inside while listening to the rain beat down on the window panes. I also love the guilt-free feeling of staying inside during the day as well as savouring the taste of freshly made homemade soup. It is also this time of year that I experiment with cooking, baking and crafting.

So in honour of my favourite time of year, I thought I would share with you some of my autumn favourites:

001)Curling up with a good book and getting lost for hours, days even.
002)Hot chocolate - either with all the trimmings or without
003)TV - everything at this time of year is usually decent
004)Pamper evenings - usually on a Sunday
005)Log burning stove - I don't have one in my flat but my parents have one in their kitchen. Best.thing.ever.
006)Blogging - I always seem to find myself with much more free time to blog as well as time to read and discover new ones at this time of year.

What are your favourite Autumn things?

I have now randomly picked a winner for my recent giveaway and the winner is..........Katie McCann. Congratulations! I will be firing an email across to you very soon :) x
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Saturday, 19 October 2013


Working Monday to Friday means that I finally have weekends free to do as I please. This weekend I decided to stroll on up and join my dad and the dogs in Cullen (seeing as my Mum was off sunning herself in either Spain or Portugal - I have no idea which!).

When I'm with my parents, 90% of my time is spent either cuddling or playing with dogs as its something I really do miss. I also like to subject them to the camera an awful lot (although Alfie is always ready for a photo opportunity - I swear he is a blogger in disguise).

As I arrived in Cullen straight after work on Friday, we had a sneaky chipper for dinner (White pudding supper for me and a red pudding supper [a Scottish thing which is bizarrely only in the NE of Scotland - central belt they have no idea what you mean] for my Dad). After that it was pretty much an evening of tv and dog cuddling.

Saturday pretty much started the same way as Friday ended. However on Saturday, my dad wanted to take a trip to the graveyard as he has been researching our family tree. As far as I remember, he has managed to trace back to about 1700's. While he was in the graveyard, as it was cold and I was ill, I stayed in the car and got a bit silly with my camera - well what's a girl to do when there is no signal and only an iPhone?Not much really....

Once my dad had navigated his way back to the car, we headed on up to Baxters for a cup of tea and for one of their infamous pancakes. If you're not familiar with Baxters, they are a family run business originating in Fochabers in the NE of Scotland. They sell soups, jams and various other wonderful things all around the world. For me, Baxters is somewhere we used to visit when I was little. I have fond memories of going there for pancakes with my granny and at one point, from what I can remember, they used to do factory tours (I don't know if they still do or not).


Pancake demolition complete, it was time to head back to the cottage. On our way back, we went for a drive through some of the smaller fishing villages. One of the villages which we drove through was Findochty.

Once back in Cullen at our cottage, it was time to warm up from the torrential rain with a cup of tea and to spend the remainder of the time relaxing.

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Monday, 14 October 2013

Pure Spa...

Trying to juggle full-time work and blogging can be a bit of a balancing act and so sometimes it is nice to take a side step and unwind.

Last Wednesday,myself and a few other bloggers attended an event at Pure Spa in Aberdeen. This was a chance for us to experience just some of the popular treatments on offer.

Pure Spa Aberdeen Union Square

After snacking on some food and catching up with the other lovely bloggers, we each randomly pulled out a spa treatment from a bag.  The treatments on offer were: a Thai Bundle massage, a relaxing massage, a deep tissue massage, a hot stone massage and a facial. My treatment which I picked out was a facial. I had never had a facial previously so this was a new venture for me.

Pure Spa Aberdeen Union Square

Pure Spa Aberdeen Union Square

Pure Spa Aberdeen Union Square

Pure Spa Aberdeen Union Square

Pure Spa Aberdeen Union Square

Pure Spa Aberdeen Union Square

Pure Spa Aberdeen Union Square

Pure Spa Aberdeen Union Square

Pure Spa Aberdeen Union Square

For someone who has never had a facial before, I must say that it was definitely a lovely experience.  Before I had my facial, I was initially having some issues with my skin in the form of blemishes in certain areas. However, afterwards my facial, these areas had cleared up wonderfully. My therapist, Hayley, was lovely to talk to and also recommended a couple of Elemis products - Herbal Lavender Repair mask (£28) and SOS Emergency Cream (£51).

Before treatments, we were split into two groups and while one group had the treatment, the other group was treated to a file and polish using some fabulous Leighton Denny products. As I was in the first group for treatments, after de-robing and returning to the front of the spa, it was time for nails.

Pure Spa Aberdeen Union Square

Pure Spa Aberdeen Union Square

Pure Spa Aberdeen Union Square

With Leighton Denny nail varnishes, there are so many gorgeous colours that it is almost impossible to decide on one. However, as my usual nail style is bright and usually with some form of glitter, I decided to opt for a dark colour and went with the shade 'No Comment'.

'No comment' is a gorgeous dark shade.  Depending on how much light you have, it is one of those colours that changes in the light. I must say that after it was applied to my nails, I fell in love with it even more. Even more, this stayed on for about a week without any major damage. Win!

Thank you to Pure Spa Aberdeen for organising another lovely event - I'm already planning on trying to make it a monthly thing :).

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Union Square Autumn Fashion Fix...

Recently, I was given the opportunity to attend an Autumn Fashion Fix event in Aberdeen along with some other lovely bloggers: Laura, Efia, Joelle, Ashly and Rachel.

The day started with some healthy smoothies from Juicemaster. My smoothie was mango-based and unfortunately I can't remember the name of it. All I know is that it was very yummy and the perfect way to kick-start a busy fashion-filled day.

After choosing smoothies, we headed upstairs for a styling challenge. This was a perfect opportunity to see both the AW 13 trends as well as what each store in the centre had to offer. We all had a lot of fun styling each other up in trends as well as picking some favourite pieces. Unsurprisingly, I loved the 'Rebel Rebel' trend.

Union Square Aberdeen Fashion Fix

Union Square Aberdeen Fashion Fix Michael Kors

Styling challenge complete, we headed downstairs to watch some hair and beauty demonstrations as well as catch the catwalk show.

Union Square Aberdeen Fashion Fix Saks

Union Square Aberdeen Fashion Fix Penguin

Union Square Aberdeen Fashion Fix New Look

Union Square Aberdeen Fashion Fix Zara

Union Square Aberdeen Fashion Fix House of Fraser

It is safe to say that after taking in so much fashion and beauty, we had built up quite an appetite. We then headed up to Zizzi's where we were fed extremely well. Honestly,I have never seen so much food on a table at once.

Union Square Aberdeen Fashion Fix Zizzis

Once, we had eaten as much as we could (as well as taking obligatory food photos for instagram), we headed on to Pure Spa for a spot of relaxation. We were each treated to a 15 minute back massage which was absolutely bliss. I always forget how much I enjoy spa treatments until I have one. I should really treat myself more often to them.

After we were suitably relaxed, we headed on down to Boots to get a makeover from Benefit. I love Benefit products so I was looking forward to this part. I decided to try a smoky eye as this is something I can never seem to perfect. The make-up artist used one of the neutral palettes which I have been looking at for some time as well as some of their other fabulous products.

Union Square Aberdeen Fashion Fix Benefit Boots

To end a wonderful day filled with fashion and beauty, we then headed up to Las Iguanas for some cheeky cocktails and nachos.

Thank you to both Ashley and Rebeccah from Wire PR as well as Union Square for a fabulous day with some wonderful people.

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