Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sirius Sonic Skincare System

In the past year or so, I have become much less about my make-up and much more about what lies beneath - my skin. Perfecting a skin routine is no easy feat as there is a lot to consider.

One of the items which I have seen cropping up in routines from time to time are skincare systems such as this one which I was kindly sent to review by Sirius.

Sirius Sonic Skincare System
Sirius Sonic Skincare System £65 *

The Sirius Sonic Skincare System is a lightweight,vibrating handset which comes with 5 detachable heads. These are: a normal brush, a sensitive brush, a hydration brush, an exfoliation brush and finally a toning brush.

Overall, I have found that this system is really easy to use. The heads detach easily enough to swap over when required. The cradle is a useful addition too as it gives you somewhere to store it after use. Furthermore, this handset is waterproof which makes it great to use in the shower without worrying about it getting wet.

I have been using this a few times a week in the shower as part of my daily skincare routine. I did find that I was prone to a few breakouts with this (which is perfectly normal to begin with). However, the feeling on my skin afterwards completely makes the breakouts worthwhile. Overtime I did notice that my skin was looking much better and brighter.

Would I recommend this item? Definitely!

Sirius Sonic Skincare System is exclusive to Boots and retails for £65

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