Sunday, 18 August 2013

This is a public service announcement,this is our latest....

Barney's expression is priceless!

Why, hello there! I feel like it has been an age since we last met.Life has just been a tad busy of late - what with two weekends in a row away, a job application (which I procrastinated for about a week on what to write), some socialising and also full-time work to fit in. It is safe to say this girl has been a busy bee with hardly any time to write :(.

So in the last two weeks: my desk has arrived from home (thanks to my Dad);I have purchased a new camera which will be used for Youtube and for days when I don't want to take my SLR with me; I have managed to kick my slight Starbucks addiction and I have discovered that trying to take photos of a hamster is hard work (I have a lot of pictures of a black blur - shame as I want to introduce you to him). I have also been swimming in the sea with an unhappy Golden Retriever who hates water (he wasn't best pleased with me - although there was a beneficial reason for him), made a makeshift bed, fallen in love with Ben Howard's album and laughed (a lot!).

Safe to say...normal service will now resume.

If you can name the song and artist -  then bonus points to you!

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