Monday, 6 May 2013

10 things this week #17

Mum,Dad, my 2 favourite boys and a glorious walk along the bothy. No filter.

10 things:

001)I finally have internet again after two weeks of having none. I'm looking forward to posting much more than '10 things this week' posts as that is all I have really posted in April. Fingers crossed that my internet won't disappear again.
002)Three day weekends should be a rule. I have loved this bank holiday weekend and the spectacular weather that has materialised.
003)Olympus has fallen is an amazing film.
004)I have the most amazing plastic cup from Sainsburys. I feel a bit like a child drinking from it though as it has a straw.
005)Recently healthy snacks and recipes have been top of my list.
006)Dogs who run around with sticks larger than themselves are a danger. Thanks to a certain Golden Retriever (Alfie), I experienced getting hit from behind. To say the least, he wasn't bothered one bit...
007)I had a wonderful meal at Jamie Oliver's on Friday night with some other bloggers. The Epic Brownie was to die for.
008)I have finally put pencil to paper and did a drawing. It has only taken me 7 years to start again...
009)Cullen ice-cream is the best.
010)Planning for the future can be fun :)

Inspirational Quote:
"I want to remember that no-one is going to make my dreams come true for is my job to get up every day and work toward the things that are deepest in my heart...and to enjoy every step of the journey rather than wishing I was already where I want to end up."


  1. Cullen ice-cream is only the best until you taste St Combs'.

    Just saying. ;)

  2. I love the photo, long walks by the sea are the best.


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