Sunday, 21 April 2013

10 things this week #15

Last night's dinner at The Braided Fig

10 things:

001)Delivery companies who have their depot far out are the worst. Sometimes I think life would be easier if everything got delivered by Royal Mail and then at least I have a hope of getting it as I work full-time.Speaking of which Hermes left a card with only my name on it, nothing else so I don't actually know if they have reattempted delivery or not. I know that it was my Glossy Box which they were delivering.
002)In connection to the above, I did receive some lovely things through the post. Thank you so much if you are reading this :).
003)Today has been renamed as super sleepy Sunday.
004)I have spent literally no time in the flat this week - I've been a little social butterfly :)
005)My laptop is having a small breakdown and is refusing to do things :(.
006)I have purchased the most wonderful wedges from New Look. I wore them out last night for my friend's birthday night out and they were super comfy.
007)Catching up with friends who you haven't seen for a while is always good fun. I met up with one of mine on Thursday and we paid a visit to Cosmo in Aberdeen which was pretty tasty :). I took a risk and tasted some squid, which surprisingly,was quite nice.
008) I may or may not have bought some bits for a giveaway :)
009)Balmedie beach is gorgeous for walking along. I went with some friends on Saturday and afterwards we went to a tearoom/coffee shop called 'Tarts and Crafts'.
010)Emeli Sande's album is amazing and she's local too :).

Inspirational Quote:

"Laugh until your belly hurts and then just a little more!"

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  1. That is an amazing name for a tearoom. Was it just as nice inside?


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