Sunday, 14 April 2013

10 things this week #14

Catching up with New Girl and plotting to take over the world

10 things:

001)I am in love with my new blender :). I have been having smoothies every day for breakfast and it's great as not only are they super healthy, but they have also been keeping me full until tea time at 11am.
002)I am also in love with trying new recipes out. Pinterest has been a major source of inspiration for trying new things. This week I have been loving zucchini (courgette) fries.
003) I don't want to jinx things but hasn't this weather been a welcome surprise from the bad weather of late. Fingers crossed for a brilliant summer!
004)Yesterday i went into cleaning overload.Once I started, I went into overdrive and cleaned everything including inside of the windows (I live in a flat so can't do outside). Oh well at least I have a sparkling flat...
005)Oblivion is a bizarre film. Although I think Tom Cruise has bulked up a bit....
006)'The Great Gatsby' is such a good book. It is a bit short though. However, I'm really looking forward to the film being released shortly.
007) I have started to tackle reading 'Les Miserables' on my kindle. I think I could be reading it for a while. I'm still on 1%...
008)Speaking of the above, I have finally got around to ordering the Original London Cast Soundtrack which has....wait for it....32 (or there about) songs!! I will be in my element :)
009)I had the most wonderful fish cake from Sainsburys the other night for my dinner. It was from the taste the difference range and it had a cheese and leek sauce in the middle. Yum yum.
010)I need to start phase 2 of the flat cull. I gutted everything not that long ago but nowadays I'm finding that I am less about material objects and more about making memories so I want to get rid of more things. I think going through my sock drawer may be a good start....

Inspirational quote:

"Every flower must grow through dirt."


  1. Zucchini chips are good! You might also like zucchini pasta which you can make very easily with one of those spiralizer gadgets.

    1. Oooh that sounds really nice too :)


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