Sunday, 3 March 2013

10 things this week #9

This week has been extremely busy. Lots of things to do work-wise as well as outside of work. Talk about leading a double life.All I can say is that I think that having my iPad has made things slightly easier. Thank you Mum & Dad!

10 things:

001)My kitchen sink is finally clear after I bought a plunger.
002)Agatha Christie's 'Mousetrap' is amazing on stage. It was extremely well done and much better than I originally thought. No surprise that it has been running for 60 years onstage then....although this is the first time it has been on tour.
003)Flight is an amazing movie. Denzel Washington is fantastic in it.
004)The Bodyguard is also a good movie. All together now...'And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.......will always love youuu.....'
005)Primark is a bad idea...
006)Darwin (Hamster) will try anything for sunflower seeds even if you have already given him some.
007)Nice weather makes a difference to your day.
008)Using work breaks for being productive is amazing!
009)TK Maxx will always be one of those shops where you go in for a nosey and end up buying things.
010)This year is going too quickly.

Inspirational Quote:

"A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything" - Irish proverb

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