Sunday, 10 March 2013

10 things this week #10

Happy Mother's Day!

Snow. On Mother's Day.Almost a couple of inches of the stuff. Oh joy! I don't really like snow to be honest as it not only restricts what I can wear, but it gets in the way of life. At least if I get snowed in (unlikely) then I have a massive batch of homemade cinnamon rolls as well as fruit slices to keep me going.

10 things:

001) I'm currently watching 'Evita' while I type this. I forgot how much I love this musical.
002)Cinnamon rolls are very messy to make.They taste good though.
003)Glasses are expensive. Look out for a debut in the near future.
004)I seem to have done something to my right arm. I am not too sure what though but on Friday I was in so much pain at work that I could hardly move it :(. I had to switch my mouse to my left side. It has since been bandaged up in a tubigrip.
005)Safe Haven is an amazing movie. Josh Duhamel....just yum! Fergie is one lucky lady.
006)I have written my debut post over on 'The Modern Girl's Guide' on Mother's Day gifts. If you click on the Fabulette page, you may also see several other bloggers that you recognise.
007)'Life of Pi' is such an amazing book,if not a little graphic in places. I don't recommend reading it at lunch time like I did if you are easily put off.
008)Topshop has some really lovely stuff in at the moment. I am half-tempted to buy this cat ipad shell because it is ridiculously cute.
009)I have rediscovered my Belle lipstick from 17.I forgot how lovely it is on.
010)My parents' dog, Alfie, is enjoying watching Crufts. He has always been fascinated by the television and when dogs are on, he gets soooo engrossed. He is a funny little character. One day when I am filming again, I will have to do the pet tag with him.

Inspirational Quote:

"Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out"

Blog/Website/Youtube find:

I'm sure that you have all visited this beautiful blog but if you haven't, then you should. Beautiful photography, beautiful outfits. Just amazing! 

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