Wednesday, 20 February 2013

NOTD: Seche Debutant

Personally, Seche is not a nail brand which I have heard much about. It wasn't until I received one in a Glossy Box that I became aware of them. However, since my first encounter, I have read a bit more about the brand themselves and realise they are, in nail varnish ranks, a decent/high end brand.

On Friday evening, my nails were looking a bit blah and in dire need of a new choice of nail varnish. After subjecting my nails to a bright pink colour before, I decided that this time to tone it down a bit and use Seche 'Debutant'.

Seche debutant

'Debutant' is a gorgeous baby pink with shimmer which runs all the way through it. Generally I think it is reminiscent of a princess, in particular Princess Peach from Mario (I like Mario). In my opinion it is the perfect baby pink. In fact on Saturday at brunch, one of the first things my friend said to me was 'I like your nail varnish, its pretty'.

Seche debutant

Now onto the really important stuff: just how well does this nail varnish perform?

I can safely say I was not disappointed with this product. As I am writing this post, the only damage is where I have picked at it due to stress. Yes, when I get stressed, I pick my nail varnish off. It is a bad habit. Unlike some of my other nail varnishes which have chipped within a couple of days, this one seems to have the ability to stay on regardless what I'm doing. I am impressed.

Seche is available online and retails for £9.95 for 14ml

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