Wednesday, 27 February 2013

February Favourites

Why, hello end of did you appear so soon? For me, February was a quick month - lots of things to do as well as lots of people to see. It was also the start of some positive things in my life. I am at this point in my life where I want change, I want a new direction. I want to be focused career-wise as I have been lost for so long. I don't want to flit between jobs: instead I want to climb as high as I can go. In a nutshell, February has been the month I have been inspired to take action and do something with my career. 

Despite my slight tangent above, February was also the month that I tried a few new products, some of which have found their way into my February favourites.

Seche Debutant Nail Varnish:

Seche Debutant nail varnish

This nail varnish has been one of my favourites this month. Its ability to stay on your nails is incredible, not to mention the baby pink colour. I posted a full review of this product which you can find here.

Real Techniques Powder Brush:

Real Techniques Powder Brush

This brush is one of the fluffiest brushes I have ever used. The bristles are super soft and it feels amazing on your skin. I use this brush for powder application as it is perfect for that. Overall, I am a massive fan of Real Techniques brushes and I have quite a nice collection building up. I still don't own them all though....

Garnier Fresh Essentials Refreshing cleansing lotion:

Garnier Fresh Essentials Cleansing Lotion

I normally use Johnson's Cleansing lotion on my skin,but when my last bottle run out, I fancied a bit of a change and picked this up. I really like this as it is not only good at taking make-up off but it has the most amazing smell (and yes that is important to me :)).

Botanics Hydrating Night Cream:

Botanics Hydrating Night Cream

Like my cleansing lotion, my night cream also ran out and so I had to purchase a new one. I've not really read much about night creams online so I was a bit in the dark about which one to go for next (I was using Johnson's night cream before). However, I had heard some good things about Boots' Botanic range so I decided to pick up their night cream. I like this product as it is super moisturising and, like the cleansing lotion, has an amazing smell. Admittedly, I sometimes just smell the pot as it smells so good....

Amazon Kindle:

Amazon Kindle

Recently I have rekindled my love for my Kindle.  At the moment I am reading 'Life of Pi' which is amazing so far. I haven't seen the film, which I believe won several oscars the other night, but I will when it comes to DVD. I also have lined up to read: 'The Great Gatesby' and 'Les Miserables' as well as a few others. Any other kindle recommendations?


  1. I've been using the garnier toner and i quite like it, and i looove the smell! mmm grapes :) xx

  2. I love real techniques brushes, sooo soft. I want them all too! x


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