Sunday, 3 February 2013

10 things this week #5

Darwin in his playpen :)

I got a surprise yesterday morning - snow. It had decided to reappear during the night and sprinkle the city. Not my idea of fun especially with plans for the evening. Oh well....onwards and upwards.

10 things:

001) I love the little boy above. Darwin is almost 3 now and makes me smile so much as he has such an adorable personality :). He particularly likes the camera...and sunflower seeds.
002) This week I have found out that I have some secret plumbing skills as I managed to fix a flood leak in my bathroom.
003)The Six Nations is back! Hello guys in tiny shorts...
004)I have learnt that I am not totally incapable of keeping a flat immaculate for more than a day.
005) I have an obsession with buying blusher.
006)I also have an obsession with buying make-up brushes.
007)Going on a cross-trainer for an hour will make your muscles ache the day after
008)My flat has now been completely gutted.
009)The people who used to have my flat discarded anything they didn't want under the bath: toothbrush, cloths, tile spacers & a massive stack of wood amongst my finds.
010)2 unforeseen days off of work will throw your routine off course.

Inspirational Quote:
"Forget what hurt you in the past. But never forget what it taught you."

Blog/Youtube find:

Katie Lew La
I have only been reading this blog for a short while but already I have fallen in love with it :).


  1. I really wish some snow would come over to visit me too :) The weather has been incredibly uncold here, it's the start of February and I'm almost fine with only a sweater.

  2. Can I swap places? I would love to go out with just a jumper on :)


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