Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Topshop Dreaming...


001) I am a dress girl at heart and I love the neck of this dress. Green is not normally a colour I go for so this would be a new adventure for me.
002) I love this pale,pink lipstick.I don't own a similar shade at the moment,so this would be a welcome addition to my collection.
003)  Lipstick aside, blusher is probably the next make-up item that I have an ever increasing collection of. Therefore as a fan of Topshop's blushers, it is only natural that I would want to add to my collection with this one.
004)Ah-ha another lipstick is on my list. No surprise there. This one is a brighter shade than what I would normally wear. I have seen this product in store and I almost bought it but resisted.Until next time that is...
005)Dresses this colour attract me straight away. I'm like a magpie drawn to shiny objects. I like how this one can be either casual or smart or as I like to say 'smasual'. Teamed up with some black tights and some wedges, it would look great.
006)Recently I have been on the hunt for a new handbag as my current one has seen better days. I am always drawn to those which are studded and if they are black it is even better. I love this bag but I would need to see it in store as I am a bit of a Mary Poppins when it comes to handbags - I carry everything but the kitchen sink (Well a girl has got to be prepared at all times...)
007)A third lip product? I must be obsessed. This one this time is a lip crayon. I already have one of their other lip crayons 'Powder Room' which I adore. This one is slightly warmer than 'Powder Room'.
008)I am an avid fan of neutral eyeshadow palettes - I can't even count how many I have. I use them both day and night so I think that this little palette would make a nice little addition to my collection.
009)Well what can I say? I am a Zoology chance this was getting away from me.


  1. Lovely wishlist I haven't tried any of the topshop lipsticks but really want to :) x

  2. You really should! Topshop lipsticks are like pringles - once you pop, you just can't stop! I bought 2 of the ones from the wishlist today...oops!

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    1. I really love it though I haven't seen it in store yet :(

  4. Love the look of that lip crayon! I wish my local Topshop stocked makeup :( xx

    1. You can do a click and collect in store for £2 I was told the other day. John Lewis also bizarrely stock it as well...


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