Friday, 25 January 2013

MAC lipstick collection...

Most of my make-up are items that are found on the High Street, but ever so often I like to have a little splurge in the way of MAC.

MAC is probably my favourite brand for lipsticks. For one, I love the smell of them which I believe is Vanilla. Secondly, they apply smoothly and feel amazing on. I also think the amount of colours that are available (excluding Limited Editions) are second to none. In fact I would probably guess that there are close to 50 different shades available.

My own collection of MAC lipsticks is very small - I only own 5 at the moment. I dread to think how many I would own if there was a MAC store in Aberdeen. Too many is my guess.

MAC, Brave, Fanfare, Lovelorn, Shy Girl, Creme Cup, Lipstick

L-R: Fanfare; Lovelorn; Shy Girl; Creme Cup; Brave

Have you succumbed to the obsession which is MAC? What lipsticks do you own?


  1. I've never had a Mac lippy I really want one though!! X

    1. They are really lovely. I would recommend them :)

  2. Replies
    1. It is definitely one of my favourites :)

  3. Lovely shades, love Lovelorn.

    Sadie x

    1. Thanks :). Lovelorn is definitely in my top 5 lipsticks that I own.


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