Sunday, 20 January 2013

10 things this week #3

Sunset taken by myself a few weeks ago

Wow, I hope you are all wrapped up warmly in this bitter weather. Aberdeen has had little,if any, snow this time around. Normally we get it and no one else does. To be honest, I am not a snow fan. I don't get it. It causes disruptions, it makes you fall over and you get wet and cold at the same time. Not my idea of a good time.

10 things:

001)I'm fed up of the snowy weather. Please go away and let spring begin.
002) 'Les Miserables' is a brilliant film, a must-see if you like. I am a huge fan of musicals anyway so it was unlikely to disappoint me.
003) The downside of 'Les Miserables' is that the songs will stay stuck in your head for days. Almost a week on and I can't stop singing them. Anyone else have this issue?
004)My living room has finally been completely gutted.5 black bin bags came out of this room....I dread to think what my bedroom will hold.
005) I make a pretty good Quorn Spag Bol. if I may say so myself :).
006)Primark is awesome at 9am on a Saturday - no queues,nothing.
007)Guys hoodies are much better than girls. I'm currently wearing one right now.
008)I am running out of room for my camera collection (my Mum has a good eye for them). Anyone want a camera collection post?
009)I am in love with my 50mm lens for my dslr. It is perfect for taking product photos.
010)BBC 1's 'Africa' is a must-see. I am a huge fan of Sir David Attenborough anyway so it was without a doubt that I would be watching this. In this week's episode, I loved the chimp who had a sweet tooth for honey. So clever. However, I was not a fan of the snake story as I do not like snakes - they absolutely terrify me.

Bonus: I think I want to Ombré my hair. I've been thinking about it for a while...

Inspirational quote:
"We all have stories we won't ever tell."

Blog/Youtube find:
This time it is the wonderful Estee from Essie Button. This girl has a wonderful personality and I never get bored watching her videos. Last night I watched her '50 random facts about me' which you can find here .


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  2. Hehee thanks.I enjoy doing them as it allows my readers a glimpse into my life away from blogging :)


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