Thursday, 31 January 2013

Yves Rocher Volumising Shampoo

Yves Rocher is one of those brands that you have either heard of or you haven't. The first time I heard of them was through Glossy Box. I always wanted to place an order but I didn't get around to it until a few   months later. One of the items that I ordered was the 'Volumizing Shampoo' as I am always looking for ways to boost the volume of my hair as it consistently looks flat.#

Yves Rocher Volumising shampoo

What the product claims to do:
"To volumize fine hair Yves Rocher's Laboratories chose the mallow plant for its body-enhancing properties. Your hair feels different to the touch: fuller without extra heaviness, thicker, it looks like it's been "inflated"."

What I thought of the product:
I like this product as it does what it says. Even from the first time I used it, I could see an improvement in the volume of my hair. It looked much fuller and in a way it made me feel much better about myself. Another thing I liked about this product is that all the ingredients are botanical-based and the shampoo is paraben free. Finally this product has an amazing smell. Sometimes I find that plant based products do not smell nice at all and are quite off-putting but this one is quite nice.

Yves Rocher Volumizing Shampoo is available from and retails at £6.70

Have you tried any products from Yves Rocher?
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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A little bit of leather...

Leather, leather, leather. We all need a bit of leather in our lives - whether it is a jacket, a skirt or even shorts.Every wardrobe should own at least one piece. Personally, I like the jacket option. It is the ultimate piece which you can take from day to night and to be honest, it will be perfect any time of the year. It really is a win-win situation.

So how would I style a leather jacket for daily wear? Take a peek at the outfit below.

This outfit would be perfect for dinner and cocktails with the girls. It is casual enough that you can wear it during the day,but it can also be worn at night too. It is what I like to call a 'transitional outfit'. What do you think?

This was a post for a fabulous competition that Next are running.If you enter, you have the chance to win 3 outfits and then guest post on their blog. Pretty cool eh?

If you wish to enter, you can see all the details here .Be quick as it ends on 31st January!

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Primark Haul...

So the other week I popped into Primark to "return" a few things. Instead of leaving empty-handed, I came home with more.Oops.

This is what I got:

Primark Haul
Skirt for work which is textured.

Primark Haul

Guns n Roses tee - a few sizes larger for the oversized look

Primark Haul

My hoody which you will have seen in my OOTD post yesterday. It is from the Men's section.

Primark Haul

Finally a doughnut and kirby grips.

Have you bought anything from Primark recently?

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Monday, 28 January 2013


Hoodies are something that I normally reserve for those days when I don't leave the flat, hungover days or heading down to the gym. It is very rare that I wear one out in public. However, I am so attached to my new hoody that I wanted it to wear it to work on Friday.

Haha I had lost my patience after taking 100 photos...

Hoody - Primark (bigger on purpose)
Top - Internacionale
Snood - Primark
Leggings - Internacionale

Rings - Internacionale

This outfit was really comfortable to wear and is probably one of my favourites that I have worn to work. Due to all the recent rubbish weather, I have been less inclined to make an effort for work and I tended to choose comfort over style. At one point I was seriously considering wearing my ladybird onesie - that is how uninspired I was.

What do you think?Do you wear hoodies out in public or do you reserve them for in the house?

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Sunday, 27 January 2013

10 things this week #4

Harry taken by myself ~ 2006. This has been my desktop background for ages!

Well it seems that the snow is finally doing the vanishing act after a couple of weeks of disruption. However, listening to the news this morning, it seems that there is now a risk of flooding in areas. When will the weather  ever be sensible?

10 things:

001)My bedroom is now completely gutted and tidy albeit for a massive laundry pile (which is in progress). Another room done in the 'Spring Clean' room to go!
002)National Geographic magazine is an interesting read (sharing my geeky side with you here).
003)I have managed to resist buying make-up in both Boots & Superdrug this week.
004)I am still slightly freaked out when I go on Facetime with my parents...
005)I have renewed my love for Youtube and I will be doing videos again when I get a new camera :).
006)I spend too long in the shower in the morning - this needs to stop.
007)I have enjoyed switching my lunch up by adding some raw pepper to eat.
008)Standing on a plug hurts.
009)Barney (one of my parents' dogs) is in fact an old man in a dog outfit. My dad said that while he was driving up to Cullen, he heard this noise coming from the back (where the dogs were). He then looked into his rear view mirror and saw Barney with his head on the middle head rest, fast asleep and snoring. Hehee.
010)Setting my alarm 15 mins earlier than usual works wonders.

Inspirational Quote:
"Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for"

Blog/Youtube find:
Rhiannon's blog is a fairly new one on my radar and I fell in love with it as soon as the page loaded. It's a really good read :). You can visit it here

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Friday, 25 January 2013

MAC lipstick collection...

Most of my make-up are items that are found on the High Street, but ever so often I like to have a little splurge in the way of MAC.

MAC is probably my favourite brand for lipsticks. For one, I love the smell of them which I believe is Vanilla. Secondly, they apply smoothly and feel amazing on. I also think the amount of colours that are available (excluding Limited Editions) are second to none. In fact I would probably guess that there are close to 50 different shades available.

My own collection of MAC lipsticks is very small - I only own 5 at the moment. I dread to think how many I would own if there was a MAC store in Aberdeen. Too many is my guess.

MAC, Brave, Fanfare, Lovelorn, Shy Girl, Creme Cup, Lipstick

L-R: Fanfare; Lovelorn; Shy Girl; Creme Cup; Brave

Have you succumbed to the obsession which is MAC? What lipsticks do you own?

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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Topshop Haul

Last week I posted a Topshop wishlist which you can find here .Unsurprisingly I went into Topshop a couple of days later and purchased a few of those items.

Saint Lipstick

Macaroon Lipstick

Flush Cream Blush

Neon Rose Cream Blush

Have you bought anything from Topshop recently?

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner

Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner is not my forte. It is a product which I never normally buy,purely because I never think to buy it. However, I was sent this one to try out and to see what I thought of it.

What the product claims to do:
'Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner detangles normal to dry or curly hair and infuses it with essential moisture. BC hairtherapy with Hyaluronic Acid Derivative and Amino Cell rebuild technology rebalances the moisture level of the hair and repairs inside the hair cell. For soft, supple and nourished hair full of healthy shine and bounce'

What I thought:
I quite like this product. I remember the first day that I used this, I kept randomly touching my hair during the day as it was so soft - I am a strange person. So yes, the product does leave my hair feeling really soft. It also has the shine factor. Another great thing about this product is the time it will save you in the morning as no rinsing is required. I frequently choose extra sleep over extra time getting ready and needless to say I am always cutting my time fine for work so by using this product, I have an extra couple of minutes to get ready.

Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner retails between £8-£10.95 and is available from Feel Unique & Look Fantastic amongst others.
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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Why pay more? #4 - The Geek t-shirt edition

This was originally my 'High Street vs High End' series but I decided to rename it to 'Why pay more?' as I felt that this new name suited it much more.

This edition is the infamous Geek t-shirt that most likely everyone and their mum has by now. There are quite a few places selling these now (I believe Primark does their own version, if not similar) but the place where it all stemmed from was everyone's favourite shop - Topshop.

Both of these come in black with white writing (although I think the Topshop one comes in several more colours) and they both come with the roll-up sleeve. They are also both 100% cotton.

The only difference is the size of the writing. Internacionale's is ever so slightly larger than Topshop's. However, when I was looking at the images earlier, I noticed that in Internacionale's image, the t-shirt is a medium put onto a smaller mannequin (as we used to do all the time if no size was available). I actually own the medium size and I find it slightly baggy. I am a size 14/16 normally depending on what item of clothing it is (Ok I do have large boobs too).

I already have my Geek t-shirt....Do you have yours?

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Monday, 21 January 2013

Glossy Box January 2013

It is that time of the month again, where a little pink box pops through the letterbox. Yes, it is time for the monthly Glossy Box. This month's theme was 'Detox' which is quite apt for after the party season.

Glossy Box January 2013

What was in it:
Lacoste Eau de Lacoste
Monu Micro Exfolioant
Murad Hydro Dynamic TM Ultimate Moisture for eyes
BM Beauty Dewy Perfection Finishing Powder
Sanctuary Spa Active Reverse Thermal Transformation Mask
Sleep mask (Bonus product)

What I thought:
I wouldn't say that this box was an instant hit with me. I think the thing with Glossy boxes is as soon as you open them, you instantly look for 'Wow' products or even products which are full-sized. However, once I had actually had a proper look, there are products in here which I am really looking forward to trying. I think the two products which I am really looking forward to using is the 'BM Beauty Dewy Perfection Finishing Powder' and also the 'Murad Hydro Dynamic TM Ultimate Moisture for eyes' as I always use powder and I have a thing for eye care at the moment.

What did you think of January's box?
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Sunday, 20 January 2013

10 things this week #3

Sunset taken by myself a few weeks ago

Wow, I hope you are all wrapped up warmly in this bitter weather. Aberdeen has had little,if any, snow this time around. Normally we get it and no one else does. To be honest, I am not a snow fan. I don't get it. It causes disruptions, it makes you fall over and you get wet and cold at the same time. Not my idea of a good time.

10 things:

001)I'm fed up of the snowy weather. Please go away and let spring begin.
002) 'Les Miserables' is a brilliant film, a must-see if you like. I am a huge fan of musicals anyway so it was unlikely to disappoint me.
003) The downside of 'Les Miserables' is that the songs will stay stuck in your head for days. Almost a week on and I can't stop singing them. Anyone else have this issue?
004)My living room has finally been completely gutted.5 black bin bags came out of this room....I dread to think what my bedroom will hold.
005) I make a pretty good Quorn Spag Bol. if I may say so myself :).
006)Primark is awesome at 9am on a Saturday - no queues,nothing.
007)Guys hoodies are much better than girls. I'm currently wearing one right now.
008)I am running out of room for my camera collection (my Mum has a good eye for them). Anyone want a camera collection post?
009)I am in love with my 50mm lens for my dslr. It is perfect for taking product photos.
010)BBC 1's 'Africa' is a must-see. I am a huge fan of Sir David Attenborough anyway so it was without a doubt that I would be watching this. In this week's episode, I loved the chimp who had a sweet tooth for honey. So clever. However, I was not a fan of the snake story as I do not like snakes - they absolutely terrify me.

Bonus: I think I want to Ombré my hair. I've been thinking about it for a while...

Inspirational quote:
"We all have stories we won't ever tell."

Blog/Youtube find:
This time it is the wonderful Estee from Essie Button. This girl has a wonderful personality and I never get bored watching her videos. Last night I watched her '50 random facts about me' which you can find here .
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Friday, 18 January 2013

Primers: the good, the bad & the ugly

MAC prep & prime, L'Oreal Lumi magique,17 miracle matte skin primer, Elf mineral primer

Undeniably, primers have become an essential piece of kit for me. I never understood why people used primers until I decided to take the plunge and see what the fuss was about. As I have tried a few, I decided to do this post based upon my experience with them.

Before we start, here is a little advice:
I have tried these products on my skin which I would class as normal/edging on sensitive.These products may be suitable for my skin, but I would advise that you go with what suits your skin.

The Good

MAC Skin base, L'Oreal Lumi magique

MAC Prep & Prime Skin Base £19.50 :
This was the very first primer that I bought after using up a sample size that I had. I found that this product blends into the skin easily as well as making make-up last longer. This product is on the slightly pricey side as far as primers go, but I feel that it is worth as it lasts so long. I think I had mine for about 6 months before it was finished (and that is using it everyday). A final thing to note is that this product comes in a 30ml bottle which is about the same size as some foundations.

L'Oreal Lumi Magique £9.99 :
This is my current primer which I am using. Like the MAC primer, it blends in easily as well as holding on to make-up. What I do love about this product is it gives a slight radiance to your skin. In other words, it has highlighting properties.I normally use one pump of product which is plenty, if not slightly too much.This product comes in a 20ml tube and is slimline so it is easy to throw in a make-up and take with you without taking up too much space.

The Bad

17 Miracle Matte Skin Primer

17 Miracle Matte Skin Primer £4.99 :
I have tried a few products from 17 Miracle Matte range and so far I've enjoyed the range. However this product was a bit of a disappointment. When this primer is applied to my skin, it left it extremely dry and it felt quite tight. It's certainly not what I look for in a primer. Reading the back of the product, it does suggest that it is applied to oily areas which is perhaps where I was going wrong. However, as someone who does not have oily skin, I don't think this product is suited to me and therefore is probably much more suited to someone with oily skin/patches.

The Ugly

ELF Mineral Infused Primer

Elf Mineral Infused Face Primer £6.00 :
It is not that I don't like this primer. Quite the opposite. It is a good product - smooth application and holds onto make-up well. The problem here lies within the packaging. I was enjoying this product and I used about half of it when the pump broke. Not a blockage in the tube, but the tube broke into pieces. I was not impressed with that. After that I thought I would try to scrape the product out. However that failed as the hole at the top is really small - no finger was getting down there. So currently I have half a bottle of primer that is doing nothing.
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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Teacups & Buttondrops: the next chapter

As you may have noticed, I have been leading a bit of a double life recently - worker during the day/blogger by night. I am always looking to improve what I post on here so today I am bringing you a survey. I've never done one before as I've always gone with what I feel works. However, as previously mentioned, I am much more aware of what I am posting, so I would like a little feedback on where to go from here.

Any (nice) feedback is welcome as well as constructive criticism which I will act upon.

Looking forward to seeing the responses xx

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.
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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Topshop Dreaming...


001) I am a dress girl at heart and I love the neck of this dress. Green is not normally a colour I go for so this would be a new adventure for me.
002) I love this pale,pink lipstick.I don't own a similar shade at the moment,so this would be a welcome addition to my collection.
003)  Lipstick aside, blusher is probably the next make-up item that I have an ever increasing collection of. Therefore as a fan of Topshop's blushers, it is only natural that I would want to add to my collection with this one.
004)Ah-ha another lipstick is on my list. No surprise there. This one is a brighter shade than what I would normally wear. I have seen this product in store and I almost bought it but resisted.Until next time that is...
005)Dresses this colour attract me straight away. I'm like a magpie drawn to shiny objects. I like how this one can be either casual or smart or as I like to say 'smasual'. Teamed up with some black tights and some wedges, it would look great.
006)Recently I have been on the hunt for a new handbag as my current one has seen better days. I am always drawn to those which are studded and if they are black it is even better. I love this bag but I would need to see it in store as I am a bit of a Mary Poppins when it comes to handbags - I carry everything but the kitchen sink (Well a girl has got to be prepared at all times...)
007)A third lip product? I must be obsessed. This one this time is a lip crayon. I already have one of their other lip crayons 'Powder Room' which I adore. This one is slightly warmer than 'Powder Room'.
008)I am an avid fan of neutral eyeshadow palettes - I can't even count how many I have. I use them both day and night so I think that this little palette would make a nice little addition to my collection.
009)Well what can I say? I am a Zoology chance this was getting away from me.

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Primark Haul

So after my initial post on Primark SS13 on Thursday which you read can here ,I popped into Primark on Friday to see if I could pick up what was on my shopping list. Unfortunately not. Instead I picked up more than I intended to and not the items which I had gone in for. A fail if you ask me.

Here is what I picked up:

Primark Haul

Primark Haul

Primark Haul

Primark Haul

Primark Haul

What do you think of my failed shopping trip? Have you picked up anything from Primark recently?

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Monday, 14 January 2013

Haircare routine

My hair is long and extremely fine, not to mention quite damaged. Up until about 3 months ago, I didn't really have much of a Haircare routine - shampoo, conditioner and a heat-protect spray. Boom,done. Slightly shocking when you consider how long my hair is. Anyway, over the past few months I have actively been attempting to restore whatever life is left in my hair and try to protect it a little more.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Yves Rocher Volumising shampoo, Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick

I change my shampoo & conditioner frequently. I don't like using the same one for too long as using the same shampoo & conditioner for long periods of time can make your hair look dull (My dad should take note - a Vosene lover for years).

My current shampoo of choice is Yves Rocher Volumising shampoo for fine hair. I love this shampoo as it does make my hair feel thicker.However,I will be doing a full review on this product shortly on this product so I won't go into too much detail.
My current conditioner is one of Superdrug's own brand. I have used these previously and to be honest they are as good as any high end brand. The other conditioner pictured is Schwarzkopf moisture kick leave-in conditioner. However, I never use these two products on the same day. The one I use, normally depends on how late I am running for work in the morning (also known as how many times I press snooze).

Hair styling products

Clynol Glow Precious Oil, Fat Hair Root Lifting Spray, Fat Hair Thickening Spray, Naked heat defender spray

Clynol Glow Precious Oil: I use this product on the ends of my hair. One or two drops rubbed into my hands works wonders. I have reviewed this product which you can check out here.
Naked Style Heat defender spray: One of my must-have products is a heat protect spray. I don't straighten my hair as it is naturally straight (pain in the backside more often than not) but I do blow-dry it so I use it to protect from my hair dryer.
Fat Hair Root Lifting spray: As well as being naturally straight, my hair is fairly flat. It keeps no volume whatsoever. Therefore, I use this spray to at least attempt to get some volume into my hair. My hair does seem to like this product, so it seems likes there may be hope after all.
Fat Hair Thickening Spray: I concentrate this product mainly on the length of my hair to give it a bit of a boost. One thing I will say and that is that I love the smell of this product. It smells so good.


Vo5 Sea Salt Spray, Schwarzkopf detangling Spray

Schwarzkopf Kids detangling spray: I use this product quite a lot to detangle my hair as unsurprisingly my hair likes to get tangled up. It is another product which smells really good - it has a fruity smell.
Vo5 Sea salt spray: I use this product to give my hair a bit of texture. Usually I use it when I am going to curl my hair, however I have recently been using it much more on a daily basis.

What are your Haircare essentials? Are there any products which you think I should try?

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

10 things this week #2

Barney (L) & Alfie (R).I could not get this shot again if I tried...

10 things:

001) This months 'Vogue' issue is very good. Some insightful reads.
002) I have a lot more bags than I previously thought. Cue clearing out half of them ready to go to a charity shop.
003)Shoes are beautiful to look at, but you really don't need them if you are no longer going to wear them.
004)Spring Cleaning is going well - 2 rooms down...a few more to go. Sometimes you have to be ruthless to get anywhere.
005)'The impossible' will make you cry.
006)The class timetable for my gym looks exciting! It genuinely does.
007)I've been spending a lot of time thinking about this little interweb space.
008)Typing two blog posts at once is yet sensible, but confusing!
009)I realised why doing fashion shopping lists is a bad idea - I go hunting for the items and come away with more than I needed.
010)I write too many beauty posts on my blog. It's time to mix things up a bit.

Inspirational quote:
"Today is a perfect day to start living your dreams"

Blog find:
Away with the fairies

I have been reading Hannah's blog for a while now. As someone who loves Disney as much as me, I find her blog refreshing to read and it is exactly the kind of blog I enjoy reading.

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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Everyday make-up #1

Make-up is something which I now rarely leave the house without. On the days that I don't feel like putting on a full face, more likely than not, I will at least have base make-up on. Generally, I don't switch my make-up around too much,however sometimes I do,so I thought today I would show you what my current face is.


Natural Collection. L'Oreal lumi magique base,Maybelline BB Cream, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer,Witch Concealer
Natural Collection face powder in 'Cool', L'Oreal Lumi Magique base primer, Maybelline BB cream in Light
Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, Witch Concealer in natural


Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp, MUA Heaven & Earth, Inika brown eyeliner, Barry M white eyeliner
Yves Rocher 'Sexy Pulp' mascara, MUA Heaven & Earth palette, Inika brown eyeliner, 
Barry M white eyeliner


Topshop Prime Time
Topshop cream blusher in 'Prime Time'

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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Primark SS13

Primark SS13 campaign

Primark is undoubtedly, one of the High Street heroes. Fast fashion at a low price. Why pay so much for one item, when you can get 4 for the same price in Primark? It is perfect for when you want to experiment with your wardrobe.

Generally,I get excited by the turn of the fashion calendar. A fresh season means new items and palettes to be inspired by. I would say I am definitely more of a Spring/Summer girl as I like to be able to show off my outfit as opposed to hiding under a thick coat and a woolly hat (got to love the unpredictability of British weather).

Primark SS13 campaign

Primark's SS13 campaign brings an air of femininity to the table. There are pastel shades combined with faded denim; bold prints teamed with classic pieces and generally a lot of stripes. After what seems like an age of being tempted by dark, moody colours, it is refreshing to be able to swing over to the other side of the   colour palette and show our feminine side.

What do you think of Primark's SS13 campaign?

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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Naked Skin 'Blinking lovely' Eye make-up remover

Eye make-up removers are one product that I am very particular about. They have to be gentle, have to be no fuss and they also have to be able to remove every last trace of make-up including waterproof mascara. One day, I was scanning the shelves in my local Superdrug, looking for an eye make-up remover when I discovered Naked 'Blinking Lovely' eye make-up remover.

Naked Skin Blinking Lovely eye make-up remover

What the product claims to do:
"The hills are alive with alpine herbs! These fresh air fanatics tone and refresh tired eyes.Meanwhile Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera help to cool (a bit like the T-birds but without the greasiness).
Clinically tested for sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested. Fragrance free. Alcohol free."

What I thought of the product:
I enjoy using this product and I use it at night when I take off my make-up. It is very easy to use - simply put a little onto a cosmetic pad and wipe. Make-up comes away very easily, although I do tend to do it twice so I can ensure that everything gets taken off. There is nothing worse than make-up which has been left on. This bottle is actually quite large (200ml) which can make it a bit awkward if you were going away somewhere. Naked may do miniatures, although I will be honest and say that I haven't looked, which, if they do, would make travelling so much easier as it is a great, wee product. However, one of perks which sold this product to me was that it is 97% natural. I am a massive fan of natural products as I believe that the less chemicals, the better. In this case, it is really good as the eye area is really sensitive.

Naked Skin 'Blinking Lovely' eye make-up remover is available at Superdrug and retails for ~£4.49.
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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Clynol Glow Precious Oil

Teacups & Buttondrops - Clynol Glow Precious Oil

My hair is long as well as super fine so I am always looking for hair products that will help improve the condition of it. Recently I was contacted and was asked to try out Clynol Glow Precious Oil. As someone who has never used a hair oil, I was keen to see what effect it would have on my hair and whether my hair would be in a better condition after using it.

What the product claims to do:
"Glow precious oil for a groundbreaking way to repair & gloss - weightlessly!
Formulated with superfine Marula oil, this feather-light elixir instantly targets damage to transform dull & lifeless into beautifully soft and smooth hair with a brilliant shine. Reduces split ends. Suitable for all hair types, including fine hair."

What I thought of the product:
I use this product every time I wash my hair, which is every 2nd day. I find that I don't need to use much - just a couple of drops is fine. It doesn't weigh my hair down or leave it feeling greasy. Instead it provides my hair with some shine and makes it feel smooth. Overall, a really good product which has made me keen to try more hair oil products out.

Clynol Glow Precious Oil retails for ~ £17.95
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Monday, 7 January 2013

Perfect one day,crashing the next...

Gunny - taken by myself :)

Redundancy. A relatively taboo subject in the past but one which is now becoming much more prominent in society since the start of the recession. With current figures indicating that 2.53 million people are currently unemployed as opposed to 1.79 million in August 2009, it certainly is a topic to think seriously about. It was a topic that I dismissed time and time again as I was defiant I would never become a statistic. Until one day, yes you guessed it, I became a statistic.

I guess I have always been slightly naïve when it comes to employment. In university I, like many others around the country, thought once I graduated I would find the ‘perfect job’ and life would be great. Three years on after graduation, I still hadn’t found the ‘perfect job’ and in fact I was still working in the same fashion retail job that I had been doing since school. I will admit that I did question myself several times to see if university had been a complete waste of my time, providing that I ended up in the exact same job position afterwards. I suppose you could say my teenage dreams of becoming a female version of Sir David Attenborough led me to believe otherwise (My degree is in Zoology if you were wondering).

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and reflecting back, I wish I had left that position before I got made redundant. There is no way to say this apart from I got comfortable. I was working daily in a place where I was surrounded by clothes and for someone that writes about fashion and beauty, it was almost perfect.  As an individual, I’m generally not a high believer in my own dreams. I continuously doubt my own capabilities (which is down to confidence) therefore it was probably inevitable as to why I ended up in the same position.

If I could sum up my experience of  redundancy in one word, it would be horrific. It is a scenario in which you have no control over whatsoever. There is no alternative path , no escape route and it doesn’t matter what you do, the outcome is always the same. It is not a nice place to be. I think one of the worst parts of being made redundant was the lack of control. As an individual, I like to be in control especially where finances are involved. I am scared of the unknown and ultimately in this situation, I was forced to face my fear head on.

Dealing with the unknown was hard. It was a constant fight of emotions. When I first became unemployed, I didn’t feel much different than I normally did - I felt like I was simply taking holidays. However as time went on, I began to feel so much more. There were times I felt anxious, times I felt alone and also times when I questioned why it happened to me. There was nothing I could have wanted more at the time than to be employed. Something which you don’t realise how much you rely on it until it is taken away from you.

One of the downsides of being unemployed was going to the Job Centre to collect JSA. I cannot think of a time in my life when I have ever felt so useless, so unwanted. Every time I went I felt terrible and incredibly uncomfortable. In some ways, I found it quite intimidating - sitting down, while undesirables stared at you and security guards wandered around you. Not my cup of tea at all. I never got used to that situation throughout my whole time of unemployment.

Being unemployed also meant I had a lot of  spare time on my hands. This time was spent applying for as many jobs as I could ,hoping, no praying, that someone would provide me with an interview. One successful interview would be all it would take to be able to move on. I exhausted every possible avenue to increase my chances of success: hunting through newspapers on the days that jobs came out, scouring through job websites, contacting recruitment agencies and even taking myself down to the public library to minimise distraction. I tried it all with limited success until one day, some months later, a recruitment agency contacted me about some work they had.

On the day I was contacted by the agency, I felt like a small weight had been lifted. I finally had a chance to successfully prove to someone in an interview about why I was good for them. The work, although temporary, was a small step in the right direction, to get me back on my feet and for me to feel useful once again. I’m pleased to say that I am still in this role, with the contract having been extended for a few months longer. Yes, I will have to reconsider my options shortly as I do not want to be back on the unemployment path. The thought of having to go through that again terrifies me. If I am completely honest, I would like to draw a line under being unemployed and begin a career that I both love and that is rewarding at the same time.

Dealing with redundancy has taught me one important lesson and that is never to take your job for granted. As I experienced, what may seem a perfect day in the workplace one day could come crashing down hard the next. It is a quick, random change of events which could happen to any one of you reading this. If you don’t like your job, don’t moan about it. Instead, choose to relive the good moments and appreciate it. This is something that I now do as yes, I  have bad days like everyone else, but I know that this job is a fleeting moment in my career and that I should cherish being employed while I can.
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Sunday, 6 January 2013

10 things this week #1

Taken at Duthie Park flower show by myself :)

10 things:
001)I have learned that I do in fact like fruit scones...especially when they are home-made.
002)Cultural adventures in the local area are fun.
003)My Dad is quite attached to my iPad. He made me log out of my facebook so he could check his - he didn't have one until I set him up. Actually more to the point, he didn't want one.
004)Throwing out things and deep-cleaning the flat has made me a very happy bunny. One room down...several more to do. Could this be the start of something?
005)Going back to work on Thursday after the Christmas break was not as bad as I had anticipated.
006)Going to the gym at 6.30am Thursday before work was also not as bad as I thought.
007)Blogging is much more exciting when it's organised.A notebook is essential.
008)'Pitch Perfect' is an awesome film.Rebel Wilson is just genius.
009)Jug dogs are really cute.Go on, google it :).
010)People in Aberdeen in Asda on a Saturday afternoon have rage issues. I saw one guy kick a cart which had cardboard in it and a lady being really bitchy to a guy she didn't know as her trolley was blocking the checkout, so he moved it so he could get through to pack his shopping. No need, just smile and be happy.

Inspirational quote:
"Be careful what you say to someone today. Because tomorrow they may not be here. And you can't take it back"
It's true.

Blog find:
I love 'A Blessed Unrest' by Lauren which you can find here . One of my favourite posts is 'Hello, my name is...'

Finally, I'm looking for more blogs to read and follow. If you have a blog, leave a link in the comments and I will go and have a nosey :)
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Saturday, 5 January 2013

London Calling....

V&A Hollywood Costume exhibition

As many of you know, I live in the North-East of Scotland and i'm pretty limited in my city choices. Therefore on the rare occasion that I do visit family in England, I always try to make space in my diary to pop up to one of my favourite cities,London.

I have been to London on many occasions - some for day trips, others for slightly longer stays. I know that some people don't enjoy the London life, but growing up in a place in the middle of nowhere with one bus an hour (if you were lucky!), I revel in the hustle and bustle of London life.

This year over Christmas, I was visiting relatives nearby so,like always, I seized the opportunity to take a day trip up. However, this time I did have a specific agenda which was to pay a visit to the Victoria & Albert museum to see the 'Hollywood Costume' exhibition.

The 'Hollywood Costume' exhibition brings together a collection of some of the most well-known and iconic costumes in cinema history. It also shows how important the costume designers role is within the industry and also how crucial it is to be able to get the costume design right to reflect the character.

This exhibition was astounding and I highly recommend it. Both myself and my Mum thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it was worth the 35 min queue to get tickets (I advise that you book before you go). There was so many iconic costumes there with so many that I could say I had seen the film of (I do like my films).Ultimately, my favourite was Judy Garland's Dorothy dress from 'The Wizard of Oz' as that is one of my favourite films of all time. My Mum, who initially wasn't that excited before, couldn't stop raving about the exhibition afterwards. I have never known her to come out of an exhibition and speak about it so much. One of her favourite costumes was Charlie Chaplin's Tramp costume.

Unfortunately, no photography in the exhibition was allowed so the only pictures on here are those of my day and not of the exhibition.

Mamabear & me

Getting there...

Covent Garden:
Covent Garden
Covent Garden
Covent Garden
Covent Garden
Covent Garden
Covent Garden
Covent Garden
Covent Garden

The 'Hollywood Costume' exhibition runs until 27th January 2013. Tickets range from £14-£15.50 for adults and will vary on the phone and online.

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