Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Fashion Shwap....

We all have those clothes which we've bought with the intention of wearing and never have done. We've all done a spring clean and made a promise to ourselves that we will make an effort to wear those hidden clothes and we never do. It's simple to say that unworn, beautiful clothes are gathering dust.

So what has this got to do with the price of cheese? Well, I want to introduce you to 'The Fashion Shwap'.

'The Fashion Shwap' is a brand new (and slightly genius) retail concept which encompasses exchanging the old for the new. If you have something to swap, and are successful, you will receive store credits to purchase something else that you like - either something else that has been shwapped or something from brands such as Rare and Love. It is a perfect way to update your wardrobe.

Some shwappables - some gems to be found!

So how does it work? Very simply, you fill in a form with details of the item. The shwap team will then make you an offer which you can either accept or decline. If you decide to accept the offer, then the team will send you a prepaid postage bag which you send back to them. Once the goods have been received by the team, they will photograph them and pop them onto the site. Simples.

Well....What are you waiting for? Get Shwapping! I'm off to give my wardrobe a long awaited clean out....

Visit 'The Fashion Shwap'