Monday, 31 December 2012

Products I've used up #2

This is a bit of an epic 'Products I've used up' as I normally film these for my Youtube channel but I had so many failed attempts trying to film this one so I decided to blog it instead.

Soap & Glory 'Clean on me'
Soap & Glory 'Hair Supply'
Soap & Glory 'Clean Girls Body Wash'
Superdrug Coconut & Sweet Almond Conditioner
The Body Shop Chocolate body butter
Mac Prep & Prime Skin base visage
Johnson's Day Cream
Charles Worthington Damage Protection Conditioner

Tresemme 24 Hour Body Conditioner
Good Things Bright Eyes Cream
Natural Collection Face Power in Cool x2
Soap & Glory 'The Righteous Butter'
Soap & Glory 'Flake Away'
Witch Hazel stick concealer in Natural
Caudalie  SOS Thirst Quenching Serum

Soap & Glory 'The Breakfast Scrub'
Ayuuri Sandalwood Body Wash
Baylis & Harding Moonlight lavender body wash
Coconut Milk & Lime Shower Cream
La Prairie Eye Cream
The Body Shop White Musk Body Lotion
Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream

Johnson's baby wipes
Sainsbury's Cotton pads
Superdrug Cotton pads
Matey Mermaid Bubble bath

Have you used any of these products before?

Oh,before I forget, I would just like to say a Happy New Year and all the best for 2013 to each and every single one of you that reads my little space on the internet. Without your support, I do not think I would still be blogging 2 years on from when I first posted. Thank you :).

Also stay tuned for 2013 as I have big plans for Teacups & Buttondrops :).

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Goals 2013

2012 brought with it, amongst other things, a goal list for myself. When I initially typed a list of things to achieve at the beginning of 2012, I seriously had doubts about whether I would  keep it up-to-date without it disappearing into the Abyss. In the end, I did manage to keep it (fairly) up-to-date.

Therefore, I have decided in 2013 to do another list to both challenge myself and to make my life a bit more exciting.

2013 Goals:

001)Find a permanent job
002)Take part in a charity event: Race for Life, Moonwalk etc
003)Decorate Bedroom
004)Decorate Hallway
005)Minimise clutter in flat
006)Print out 100 photographs from my own work
007)Complete 3 sketches/drawings
008)Make more of an effort to be self-sufficient (making own bread, jam etc)
009)Read Life of Pi
010)Watch The Notebook (I'm probably the only person on the planet who hasn't seen it)
011)Go to Edinburgh Castle (I've lived 30 mins away for 16 years and I have never been....)
012)Save £500 - I am the world's worst person for saving....It goes something like 'ooooh that lipstick is pretty...I don't have one in that colour'
013)Watch 'The Seven Year Itch' and coincidentally watch all Marilyn Monroe films I can find
014)Climb a hill/mountain - 'Ben Ahee' anyone?
015)Make a Cheesecake
016)Finish building my flat-pack camera which is currently sitting on a stool
017)Build my pin-hole camera
018)Grow some window herbs to use in cooking
019)Host 2 dinner parties
020)Go home to my parents house to gut out my old bedroom...
021)Go on 2 photography adventures with photography-mad friends....

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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Highlights 2012

Harris Hawk
Harris Hawk

2012 has been a year of ups and downs. There has been some great moments coupled with some really downright, awful ones.Sometimes there is nothing else to do but to ride out the storm and wait until calm is restored.

Here are some of my personal 2012 highlights:

Flying a selection of birds of prey with my dad
Watching Elton John perform at the Falkirk Stadium
Becoming a fabulette for 'The Modern Girls Guide'
Discovering Zumba
Managing to avoid drinking fizzy drinks where possible
Finding a new job (although temporary) after a few months of unemployment
Making Peppermint Bark for the first time
Discovering new artists to listen to
Attending my first blog event at the Academy of Make-up,Glasgow
Being featured on Internacionale's Facebook page a few times
Being asked to style a Team GB scarf for Next
Going on mini adventures with friends
Getting engrossed in the Olympics and Paralympics
Hitting almost 100 gfc followers
Liking Christmas pudding again after 20+ years
Seeing the 'Hollywood Costume' exhibition at the Victoria & Albert museum, London. Particular favourite costumes include Judy Garland's Dorothy dress, Marilyn Monroe's 'Seven year itch' dress and also Kate Winslet's boarding dress in 'Titanic'.

European Eagle Owl
European Eagle Owl

Academy of Make-up,Glasgow
Academy of Make-up event

Castle Fraser
Castle Fraser Adventures

What has been the highlights of 2012 for you?

Also, I received an iPad for Christmas so I have been pinning on my Pinterest and tumblring like a mad woman over the last week or so. You can find the links on the left hand side of the blog if you wish to follow me :)

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Monday, 17 December 2012

Comfortably rocking....

It's official.The Christmas countdown is well and truly on. With just over a week to go until the big day, it seems that it has crept up faster than you can say 'Alakazam'. In effect, I'm glad I have the majority of my wrapping out the way and my shopping finished. It means that I can enjoy the busy week of festivities that I have planned with friends which culminates with a glorious 5am start on Saturday morning to go home along with trying to weave my way in and out of the Glasgow Christmas shoppers (I'm predicting a fair few men).

Anyway, despite my Christmas intro, this isn't a Christmas post. It's actually an outfit post which was meant to go up on Friday until my laptop decided to freeze and then consequently delete everything I had already written. Fun times.

So this is what I wore to work on Friday:

Cardigan - Internacionale (about 2 years old)
Led Zeppelin t-shirt -New Look (4 years old)
Jersey skirt - Primark £6
Tights - Primark £3.50

Bracelets - Internacionale & Topshop

My usual technique of pulling together an outfit is to throw on random combinations (and consequently throw them onto my bed afterwards). This is one combination I like - it is comfortable, cosy and a bit girly. The Led Zeppelin t-shirt is about 4 years old but at the moment there are so many places on the High Street that are stocking similar items, so you are bound to find something similar.

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Monday, 10 December 2012

Glossy Box November 2012 (and a small thank-you)....

Well it's safe to say that my Glossy Box has had a bit of a journey this month....and to be honest I didn't think I would get it (thanks to Hermes 'Spectacular' delivery service).

This month's theme was Stocking Fillers - potential ideas for those near and dear to you for the upcoming festive season. I must admit this month's theme appealed to me greatly as I always struggle to buy for certain members of the family.

Glossy Box November 2012

What was in it:
Dr Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm
Burberry Body Eau de Parfum
Alison Claire Natural Beauty Mango Body Butter (smells good enough to eat!)
Nails Inc Caviar Top Coat
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

What I thought:
Overall, I really liked this months box. I thought the product range was great and along with brands I have already tried, there are also brands I have not tried. My favourite item would be the body butter as it seriously smells so good! I must also mention that the Burberry perfume surprised me as the sample provided is in a little glass bottle.

What do you think of this month's box? What products did you receive?

Glossy Box is £12.95 (inc £2.95 p&p) and is available from

As mentioned in the title, I do have a small thank you to make and that is to the Glossy Box team, in particular Kayleigh. When my original box went missing (or more to the point I think it was stolen), I contacted them and they were really helpful. Thank You :)

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Sunday, 9 December 2012

November favourites...

It's been a while since I've done a favourites post on here and to be honest, I don't know why I stopped as I love these posts.

November brought a lot of new favourites with products that I perhaps bought and then didn't try them out straight away.

Garnier 3 in 1 scrub

Garnier Pure 3 in 1 wash/scrub/mask:
I use this product most days in the shower. It is a white clay based product which leaves skin feeling remarkably smooth. I'm not sure if it is this product or my new toner, but my skin has been looking so much better recently.

MUA Heaven and Earth palette

MUA Heaven and Earth eyeshadow palette:
I used this product most days during November. It is a great palette with a variation of neutral shades which are perfect for everyday wear. I recently reviewed this product which you can find here .

MAC Dollymix

MAC Blush in Dollymix:
This is another product that I have been wearing a lot.It appears quite bright in the pan so is best applied with a light hand. However, it is a gorgeous colour once on and it is perfect to brighten up the winter months.

Real Techniques Blusher Brush

Real Techniques Blusher Brush:
This is certainly one of my favourite brushes that I own. It is really soft and the rounded edges make it perfect for applying blusher.

Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp

Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara:
This is one of those products that I have to thank Glossy Box for. If they hadn't provided a sample size, then I wouldn't have loved it so much to buy the full size. It truly is a great product what with the biggest brush you have ever seen along with providing lots of volume on the eyes.

Sleek Rose Gold Blush

Sleek Blush in Rose Gold:
This product is like gold dust - I don't know how many months I strived to get my hands on this before I managed to get the final one in the store.The blush itself is a gorgeous peachy colour scattered with lots of gold.It looks gorgeous on and is one which I have been alternating with my MAC Dollymix.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

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Friday, 7 December 2012

Stripes and Rust

It's safe to say December is in full swing what with the temperatures dropping and the arrival of snow in  most parts. I've been keeping myself wrapped up which has meant I haven't always looked my best what with super ugly walking boots and a thick coat. Classy look with smart work clothes.

However, today at work was casual Friday so, as every Friday, I spent ages picking my outfit and came up with today's combination:

Cardigan - Primark
Top - New Look
Trousers - Internacionale

Moustache ring - Internacionale

Bunny necklace - H&M

I particularly like the combination of the rust cardigan with the black & white. It makes the outfit slightly more interesting. 

What do you think?

NB: I'm not pregnant as it may look....stripes do funny things.You should see how many pics I ended up taking...

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Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Fashion Shwap....

We all have those clothes which we've bought with the intention of wearing and never have done. We've all done a spring clean and made a promise to ourselves that we will make an effort to wear those hidden clothes and we never do. It's simple to say that unworn, beautiful clothes are gathering dust.

So what has this got to do with the price of cheese? Well, I want to introduce you to 'The Fashion Shwap'.

'The Fashion Shwap' is a brand new (and slightly genius) retail concept which encompasses exchanging the old for the new. If you have something to swap, and are successful, you will receive store credits to purchase something else that you like - either something else that has been shwapped or something from brands such as Rare and Love. It is a perfect way to update your wardrobe.

Some shwappables - some gems to be found!

So how does it work? Very simply, you fill in a form with details of the item. The shwap team will then make you an offer which you can either accept or decline. If you decide to accept the offer, then the team will send you a prepaid postage bag which you send back to them. Once the goods have been received by the team, they will photograph them and pop them onto the site. Simples.

Well....What are you waiting for? Get Shwapping! I'm off to give my wardrobe a long awaited clean out....

Visit 'The Fashion Shwap'
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