Tuesday, 7 August 2012

LaVaque tweezers

La Vague, tweezers, tweezerman, makeup

Tweezers are an essential piece of kit - no questions asked. I used to swear by my black pair from H&M (of all places) as they did exactly what I wanted them to do, that is until I was introduced to the LaVague range at an event hosted by The Academy of Make-up in Glasgow.

LaVague is an American brand which sells a range of make-up tools including a wide range of tweezers. My pair is the Classic Slanted tweezers and they retail around £19.99 (when you can locate them that is). What I love about these tweezers is that they can get even the smallest hairs out with minimal effort. I don't like having to mess around when it comes to my eyebrows, so now when I use these I find that it takes less time to do them. I also find that these tweezers are also very light, in fact they are even lighter than Tweezerman. A final note-worthy thing is that they come with a lifetime guarantee even if they break.