Thursday, 16 August 2012

Glossy Box August 2012

Glossybox, August, 2012, BeautyFor this month's box, the theme was 'International Superstars' which was most likely to tie in with the Olympics (sob - I have withdrawal symptoms) and the Paralympics. This theme was a good idea as beauty products do vary between countries and it's interesting to try out new items.

On first impressions, I loved the box and was really excited with all the products especially the eyeshadow palette. However, my joy was short-lived when I found out I was unable to open said palette. I still can't open it (and yes I did take off the sticker).Annoying.

So what did I receive?

DHC, Deep Cleansing Oil, Glossy Box,

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil:
I'm not a huge buyer of oils for the face & body but this wee thing looks intriguing. To use: apply it with dry hands and then rinse off. This will dissolve your make-up. Brilliant.

Alessandro, Pro White, Nail Varnish, Glossy Box

Alessandro Pro White:
I am an avid nail painter and rarely will I have no colour on my nails. If I don't it's probably due to the fact that my nails are in terrible condition and starting to go yellow. However, this little product aims to deter from that,so fingers crossed I will have no more yellow nails.

Vera Valenti, eyeshadow palette

Vera Valenti Eyeshadow Palette:
This was the product I was originally excited about when I first opened the box but unfortunately I've been unable to open it :(. I've since heard that the quality of these shadows is actually pretty poor.

All for eve for the eve appeal, Glossy Box

All for Eve for the Eve appeal Eve's Balm:
To put it simply: I like this product. A recovery balm which will help soothe any dry patches. Sounds good to me.

Glossy Box, lipstick

Glossy Box Lipstick:
This was an added wee bonus in this month's box. I'm not a massive fan of the Glossy Box branded products (apart from the mirror) as I think they price them too high for what they are. However, this lipstick is a gorgeous colour and when I swatched it earlier on my hand, it seemed determined to hang on for dear life. This is a good sign.

Lipcote, Glossy Box

I've left my favourite until last. This was a product I had contemplated picking up on numerous occasions in town, but had never got around to it. It's a product which seals in lipstick and as a lipstick lover, it is kind of an essential!

What did you receive in yours? Did you like this month's?