Wednesday, 16 May 2012

What I'm #3

Hello baby ray! - MacDuff aquarium ~2009

001)The sudden change in weather in Aberdeen - hello sunshine!
002)Potato Salad
003)Light evenings
004)Radio 1 at 6.30am :)
005)Top knots
006)Caudalie thirst quenching serum
007)Watching Attenborough again <3<3
008)My mamabear who has been helping me out :)

001)Bad news
002)The bad weather we had
003)Being ill
004)My inability to take decent outfit pics - I envy the girls who do it so well!

001)Angry Birds - I refuse to download any other editions until I get all the stars in this one

001)The inbetweeners series 1
002)Mulan (I had been singing songs from it for days so had to watch it)
003)John Tucker must die - loved it and there's Penn Badgely (Dan from Gossip Girl) sporting a longer hairstyle than usual in it.