Friday, 4 May 2012

What I'm ...#2


001)Inika eyeliner from my Glossybox
002)Potato and egg salad
004)Mac Prep & Prime skin base visage
005)The fact I have not worn foundation in over a week - my skin feels happier :)
006) Instagrams from Press Days - Internacionale looks absolutely stunning for AW (and no I'm not saying that because I work there) - some lovely Lita replicas amongst other lovely items. River Island isn't far behind either. Sometimes I do wish I lived in London...


001)Changeable weather (today is a bitterly cold wind,rain and sunshine - nice!)
002)Being paid not as much as usual :( 
003) The fact that it is so light now that all the high school neds and whatnot are out everywhere and being annoying.


001) The picture of Dorian Gray (Kindle)
002) Pride and Prejudice and Zombies


001) McFly (all albums apart from the latest one)


001)Extreme Couponing

Funniest moment this week

001) Getting asked by a male customer at work if I was married either that or watching two teenage girls in work attempt to walk in super high heels they had bought from Primark. They looked ridiculous.