Friday, 27 January 2012

Wild thing: a Sarenza competition entry

When asked to write about my favourite pair of shoes on the Sarenza website for a chance to become an ambassador, it was no doubt going to be an extremely hard decision. For a girl who adores shoes, picking a favourite is like deciding which part of a roast dinner to eat first. Eventually,after lots of deliberation, I managed to find my favourite:

There is something I adore about leopard print right at this moment. It could be because the high street is full of animal print or it may be because I want to channel an inner (subtle) version of Kat Slater. Whatever my reason for it, the point is I'm slowly becoming obsessed.

Now the question is just how would I wear these shoes? The answer lies below:

Blouse - River Island
Jeans - River Island
Shoes - Sarenza
Bracelet - Dorothy Perkins
Earrings - New Look
Ring - Miss Selfridge
Bag - Miss Selfridge

By keeping the majority of the outfit simple, I have allowed the leopard print to be the focus without going OTT. The clutch helps to emphasise this focus. Combined together this outfit is perfect to wear on a night out with the girls or even on a date for that matter.

How would you style these shoes? Would you add more leopard print?

This is a post for the Sarenza ambassador competition which you can find here .

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Sunday, 22 January 2012

17 Peep Show Mascara

I recently went on the hunt for a new mascara after my current one decided to give up the game. I don't have a staple mascara - I tend to flit between brands until I find something I like. My usual requirements involve lengthening or volume (both is a plus). Normally I read reviews before I purchase, however something about this mascara caught my eye.

First of all the packaging. It is pink and has a showgirl feel for it - the lid reminds me of the art deco movement. I am a sucker for pretty packaging and to say I was attracted immediately was a bit of an understatement.

Now onto the mascara itself. As with any new mascara, I am always sceptical at first. With this one it was mainly due to the fact it wasn't waterproof. I usually wear waterproof mascara as I'm really bad at messing up non-waterproof. 

The brush is a decent size. It's not too big or too small. I have a preference for mascaras with bigger brushes as I feel that they give more volume. However this one doesn't disappoint despite being smaller.

This mascara is great after application. I normally put on a couple of coats to build it up. Afterwards my eyelashes looked really long and the best bit is I can wear this without messing it up.

Overall I really liked this mascara. I would definitely repurchase as 1) it does what it says on the tin and 2)It's on sale for a reasonable price (currently £5.29,ORP £6.29)

Have any of you tried 17 Peep Show mascara?

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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Aztec attack....

Cardigan - Internacionale
Vest - H&M
Leggings - Internacionale
Necklace - Internacionale
Ring - Primark

This was my outfit for work today. There is something I currently like about patterned leggings. I'm not going to lie, my outfits can be pretty 'safe' - but I love patterned leggings. I'm debating if to buy the leopard print pair as well...

Please excuse the hair as I had it up all day but was rushing with the light to take these pics, so I somehow forgot to run a hairbrush through it.

Ok, I got to run. There is some serious housework need to be done tonight and I'm away to see 'The Iron Lady' at the cinema. I don't want to be doing housework on my day off. I would much rather be working on creative project 1.

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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Down at the bottom of the garden...

Top - Internacionale
Leggings -Internacionale
Scarf - H&M
Owl Ring - Internacionale
Bug ring - Temporary: Secretary

This is my outfit today for pretty much sitting around the house doing nothing. Well that's not quite true. I have a lot of work to do on creative project number 1 and I also should probably do some dishes. 

Last night I had an amazing Indian meal with my friends - Chicken Pasanda is lovely. It's like a sweeter version of korma. Yum yum! I'm surprised you can't see a food baby in the picture. We watched both 'Hall Pass' (which I had seen before) and 'Just go with it' which was pretty good.

What are your plans for this weekend? Anything exciting or just casually chilling at home like me?

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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Aztec dreaming...


For ages I have been looking for the perfect Aztec cardi to own. I found this one in Republic the other week and after a dilemma phone call to my mum (yes, I had a dilemma about a cardigan!), I decided to purchase it. The original price was £34.99 but I managed to get a discount so got it for £31.50. The cardi is exceptionally warm and is perfect to throw on when i'm cold.

Both the leggings and the vest are old favourites along with the rings. The camera necklace is from Camden Market which is perfect for a photographer like me!

Today is going to spent blogging, doing research and watching Dexter. How on earth I have managed to miss this series, I'll never know! I also have a Drs appointment later on (boo) then I'm away to my friends for dinner :).

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Monday, 9 January 2012

A tea thought...

"If you don't like something, change it; If you can't change it, change the way you think about it."

Mary Engelbreit
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Saturday, 7 January 2012

A (very) Panda Christmas...

With the festive season just over, i'm savouring on to every last moment. I'm making some mince pies tomorrow with some mincemeat I have and I threw away my advent calender just this morning. Whilst i'm holding on, it seems apt to share with you my festive period.

Christmas admittedly, wasn't the best. I was looking forward to it for weeks, but unfortunately my mum got really ill on Christmas Day and spent most of it either in the bathroom or tucked up in bed :(. Beforehand my parents had arranged for us to go to Edinburgh Zoo on Christmas Day to see the recent panda arrivals. My Mum didn't want to let us down so she insisted that we go. Edinburgh Zoo was surprisingly busy - I was shocked how many families were out and about. Normally, I like nothing better than relaxing at home in PJs/lounging around the house clothes on Christmas Day but this Christmas I was out and about. The pandas were...oh my, they were gorgeous!! The male was much more outgoing than the female and enjoyed playing up to the waiting crowd. The male was hand-reared from a cub and therefore was much more used to people. I wanted to snuggle them! My Dad adored them as well, although he was more surprised by the size of the Sea Eagle which has recently been re-introduced into Scotland. He is a bird fanatic - birds of prey in particular. I really think he would enjoy a falconry experience sometime....hmmm.

Male Panda -Yang Guan ('Sunshine')

Paws up if you got a visit from Santa!

Did someone say strike a pose?


Female Panda - Tian Tian ('Sweetie')

I said no more pictures!

A few other animals

Dear Santa...

A Scottish native who decided he wanted a turn in the spotlight.

Gentoo penguin on a diving board?

Once we had returned from Edinburgh Zoo, we had a lovely little dinner which was cooked by both myself and Dad. After that we opened some pressies.

Here is a selection of pressies (admittedly I was extremely spoiled by everyone!):

Selection of DVDs

Massive mug, owl cushion and loose leaf teapot 

Selection of books

Selection of make-up/jewellery - The make-up bag is from Ollie and Nic.

Photography items and an awesome tealight holder. The Diana I already had but got a 35mm back for it.

Kindle and video camera :)

Camera lens mug :)

I was certainly spoiled this Christmas. Everyone knows me so well, especially my Mum :).

I'm sad that both Christmas and New Year are over, but I'm looking forward to this year so much. I've got lots to plan and lots to look forward too :)

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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012 goals...

Darwin - fully pouched.
What could be a more appropriate picture for after the festive period?

I'm back from a lovely festive season including an amazing New Year (Ceilidhs ftw). I received some lovely presents for Xmas (which I will be showing very soon) and spent my time eating a bit too much. Therefore it can only mean it's time to set some new goals for the year. If you've been reading Teacups from this time last year, you may remember I did a 2011 goal post which you can find here.

Here is what I wanted to achieve last year:
Get up earlier
Find a new job
More creative output
Keep posting and improving 'Teacups and Buttondrops'
Become more domesticated

As you can see from the list above, I have managed to achieve several of the above. Some more so than others: I'm still hunting for a new job that pays a bit more than just my bills, I've got plans for a massive creative output or two and the gym is coming along nicely,although not as much as I would like to to be able to score it off.

I've decided that 2012 goals will be slightly different. I want to achieve some goals that are achievable within one day as well as some goals that are long-term. 

So here's the current list as of 4/1/12:

001) Find a new job
002) Go to the gym at least 3 times per week
003) Launch creative project 1
004) Launch creative project 2
005) Watch Trainspotting
006) Get my first tattoo
007) Decorate my bedroom
008) Paint my hallway
009) Visit home more often to see my parents
010) Be less materialistic
011) See much more of my friends
012) Run/jog/walk Race for life
013) Read the Hunger Games
014) Read the Virgin Suicides
015) Re-tune my drawing skills ie re-learn to draw (I seem to have left my ability behind in school)
016) Participate in p52 @
017) Shoot more rolls of film (target: 10 rolls)
018) Film some videos for YouTube (target: 5 videos)
019) Learn to use my sewing machine
020) Print out much more of my photography
021) Read The Picture of Dorian Gray
022)Write some creative pieces (target: 3 pieces)
023) Comment on many more blogs
024) Read The Scarlet Letter

The list was originally only going to be about 15 items, but I seem to have added more....oops!! I will keep adding/editing it so keep checking back to find out where I am. 

Anyway, after watching 4 episodes of season 4 of gossip girl tonight while writing this post, I'm now away to go and do my physio (which hurts :() and read my kindle for a bit.

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