Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas leopard print nails

Leopard print nails have been around for quite a while. I first found them whilst reading Gem's blog who has a fantastic tutorial (unfortunately I can't link to the actual tutorial :()

With the festive period fast approaching, I decided to give them a festive twist:

I added in some random bits of glitter eyeliner as well to make it slightly sparkly.

Here are the products:

17 Nail Varnish - Risky Red
Barry M - Spring Green
Beauty UK - silver glitter eyeliner
Maybelline - liquid eyeliner

What do you think of this festive twist?
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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas snowball cookies

I made these today as an experiment for my Christmas Eve baking extravaganza. The recipe is taken from Women's Weekly 'The complete book of cupcakes, cheesecakes and cookies and is under the recipe of Christmas angel cookies. Unfortunately, I had no Christmas shape cookie cutters so I decided snowball shapes were the next best thing.


For the biscuit base:

125g softened butter
165g caster sugar
1 egg
225g plain flour
35g self-raising flour
40g desiccated coconut
110g apricot jam, warmed, strained

For the macaroon topping:

3 egg whites
165g caster sugar
35g plain flour
180g desiccated coconut


1) Beat butter,sugar and egg in small bowl with electric mixer until light and fluffy. Stir in sifted flours and coconut in two batches.
2)Knead dough on floured surface until smooth; roll dough between sheets of baking paper until 5mm thick. Cover, refrigerate for 30 mins.
3)Preheat over to 180c/160c with fan. Grease oven trays; line with baking paper.
4) Make macaroon topping:
    Beat egg whites in small bowl with electric mixer until soft peaks form. Gradually add sugar, beating until dissolved between additions. Fold in sifted flour and coconut in two batches.
5)Make snowball shapes by taking a piece of dough, roll in a ball and push it down gently on the baking tray. Place about 3cm apart.
6)Bake for 8 minutes. Spread each hot cookie with jam; divide macaroon topping among snowballs.Cover with foil (like a tent so foil does not touch surface of macaroon). Bake about 7 minutes.Cool on wire racks.

So there you have it! They taste delicious and are great for sharing. I'm planning on taking some into work tomorrow as we have a massive sale launch to action.
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Friday, 9 December 2011

Friday Five #15

It really has been a horrible couple of days weather-wise. I almost got blown away last night when walking home from work (admittedly not my best plan, but 30 mins waiting for a bus at 9.30 at night, no thanks!) . It was wild. The pictures on the BBC website (under Scotland) just show some of the extent of the damage. My mum, who lives approx 3 hours from me had no electricity, whereas my Dad got stuck in Amsterdam returning from a business trip to Germany. He managed to get home today via Aberdeen and he popped in briefly to see me as well :).

On a brighter note, here are my Friday Five:

Jellyatric Jelly Babies:
These appeared in the delivery boxes at work today and I couldn't resist buying a few for various people. For certain people, they fit to a tee :). They are £1.49 and are available from Internacionale.

Arrival of transitional trends:
This week at work, we saw the arrival of transitional trends - the most prominent being the nautical, which has to be classed as one of my favourite trends ever. I have a few items to show in a haul post but the light is ridiculously bad so I'll have to do a separate haul post :).

Christmas Spirit:
I can't believe its Christmas two weeks on Sunday, just where has the time gone? I've almost finished my Xmas shopping and I'm looking forward to going home to spend some time with my mum and dad. I know on Christmas Eve, I will be baking mince pies and biscuits to give out to the neighbours. We will also be spending the day watching Christmas films. I think my mum was a bit disappointed that I don't want to go out somewhere, but out on Christmas Eve, you must be mad! I've worked Christmas Eve before and it was crazy!! You do get a fair few confused men who come in and the majority of customers are fairly pleasant to deal with. However, before I get to enjoy Christmas, I have two weeks of work and with that comes just about the biggest workload that we could possibly have.

Since I've moved him into my bedroom for the winter, he has probably become the most demanding hamster ever. If I open the lid of his cage, he will come running out looking for treats of some kind. I can't resist giving him a couple of sunflower seeds, although I do try and watch what he is eating as he's a Chinese hamster, therefore of the dwarf variety. Dwarfs can get big quite easily.

I've been reading a lot recently, mainly during my breaks at work, and there is nothing that I currently enjoy except from curling up with a good book. I'm currently reading 'Deadhouse' by Linda Fairstein. It's amazing. I've never read her books before until my Mum gave me a pile of crime books to read.

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