Monday, 21 November 2011

Parallel worlds...

I've not done one of these posts in a long while. Here are some recent adventures of mine taken by my lovely phone:

My 'bread' for my Highland Stew - really they had stuck a roll in the panini maker

Some Paperchase purchases:

Whippy ice-cream:

'Fancy a kiss?' Don't worry he's in his playpen, not his tank.

How can this puppy face not make you go awwww!

After many years, I now like mince pies. I may even try some xmas pudding this year...

Some Photoshop editing:

Nyan Cat:

Burning candles :)

My lovely neighbour bought me 6 bottles of Rose wine for looking after the cats:

Acquired ' The Big Bang Theory' dvds:

Made some Whoopies:

Crumpets with cheese:

Red Cup - Gingerbread latte if you're offering to buy ;)

I've also been rediscovering bands I've forgotten about. Today's choice is Elliot Minor. I know I have seen them play somewhere but I can't remember where or who I was with. That's the problem when you've been to so many gigs, you forget where you were.

Here is a youtube link to Elliot Minor:

The title to this post is actually the name of an 'Elliot Minor' song which sums me up at the moment - the real world vs blogging.