Monday, 22 August 2011

Primark AW 11

Primark have, over the years, accumulated a huge following for their products - whether you're are a mother looking for something for your child or a fashionista looking for that trend. I remember when Primark was tact - nothing was nice at all and everything fell apart with the simplest touch. Nowadays, I think their product is much more modern and the quality improved (as well as the prices - £35 for a jacket?). Their upcoming products for AW 11 are no exception.

My favourite combination has to be the first image with the peter pan dress. I am honestly a sucker for anything remotely peter pan-ish and this dress is sooo cute :).

This dress reminds me of one that they had in their SS11 range. I really like the cut of the dress, but what makes it for me is the cityscape. This would look great paired with some thick black tights and cute heels or flats.

I really love this scalloped shirt. It would be great for the office paired with some trousers and heels. It would also be great paired with a pair of dark denim shorts and pumps which would be perfect for meeting friends for dinner.

Hello cosy! This Aztec cardigan is great. Although its not my usual cup of tea, I really love the colours and the bold stripes. I can just imagine snuggling down in this in my flat and watching a dvd with a large mug of tea.

 This hat is lovely as well. I've never been one for floppy hats but recently I have seen some lovely ones featured on different blogs. This hat would be complemented perfectly by a pleated midi skirt with a plain vest.

I really like pleated midi skirts. I don't own any at the moment, but I think this will change come AW.This style is simple and easily pulled off. Teamed with a plain vest and the hat shown above, it would make the perfect outfit for shopping as well as strolling around the countryside.

What do you think of the upcoming AW11 season for Primark? Are there any pieces which will definitely be making it into your wardrobe?

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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday Spotlight: Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

I've been wanting to make double chocolate chip cookies for while after constantly buying the ones from Sainsburys, which are extremely delicious :). I found this recipe via google and I decided to make some today whilst listening to some songs from musicals :).

You will need:

Makes 24-36 cookies

225g / 8oz butter / margarine
285g / 10oz light brown sugar
2 eggs
1 Tsp vanilla essence (I forgot to buy some,but they taste delicious without)
310g / 11oz plain flour
4 Tblsp cocoa powder (I used drinking chocolate which I thought was the same, clearly not - look at the colour of mine!)
1 Tsp bicarbonate of soda
Pinch of salt
400g / 14oz dark chocolate chips


1)Beat butter and sugar together until fluffy. I used an electric mixer but a wooden spoon does just as good a job.
2)Mix dry ingredients together (Flour, Bicarb,Salt and Cocoa Powder) and add 1 tablespoon to sugar/butter mix.
3)Beat the egg with vanilla essence and add into sugar/butter combo.
4)Add in the remainder of the dry mix.
5)Mix in chocolate chips.
6)Put the mixture into the fridge for 30mins (its much easier to handle)
7)Preheat oven to 160c.

8)After 30 mins remove mixture from fridge and line a baking sheet with non-stick paper.
9)Roll mixture into balls - bigger balls, more cookie :)
10)Cook in oven for about 15 mins.
11)Remove and leave to cool for about 20 mins.

Batch 1 as my oven wasn't big enough

Happy baking and enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Saturday Shoot 003

By the time this will be up, it will be quite close to a Sunday Shoot, oops! I'm currently being sucked into watching 'PS I love you' and I can't believe I've not seen it before...

This week's pictures were shot at the David Welch Winter Gardens in Duthie Park, Aberdeen. The Winter Gardens is a great little place to visit if you are in the vicinty of Aberdeen. Every single time I go I always find a new section to explore - its honestly like a maze.

'From Duthie with love'


'Sad Sunflower'

I saved this little guy until last.I'm guessing he's a little baby due to the amount of fluff he has left.

'Fluff monster'

What do you think of this week's pictures?
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Friday, 19 August 2011

The Friday Five...

Image from Google
Photography blogs:
I've been looking at a lot of photography blogs in the past week or so. Notably for inspiration but also as they are really beautiful.

Leopard Nails:
Late to the party as usual, I've got the leopard print nail bug. I can't stop painting my nails.

Image from Google

For someone who really shouldn't be drinking much milk, I seem to have become addicted to milkshakes - strawberry if you want my order :). On a plus, they fill me up really quickly which means I don't need to spend ridiculous amounts on food for lunch when i'm at work in Union Sq.

Image from google - I apologise that the most creative picture I could think of was crayons

Getting Creative:
This week things have definitely been on the up - I don't think i've felt like this for a few months with everything thats been going on. I now feel really inspired to do what I want to do and I plan to do it :).

Image from Google

Love Film:
I signed up for a 30-day free trial and I must say that I am more than pleased with their service. I've had two DVDs so far, with more coming, and I cannot fault them one bit. This week i've watched 'Angus,thongs and full-frontal snogging' and 'American Beauty'. 'American Beauty' was amazing, despite it being added to my list out of curiosity. Also, if any of you have an account with amazon, if you go to Lovefilm via Amazon and register, you can get a £15 voucher for Amazon :).

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Friday Five. Next week I will be sorting out posts for when I am away enjoying myself on a hen weekend. However, I will be back tomorrow with a Saturday Shoot (and the reason there wasn't one last week :)). Until tomorrow....

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Wednesday Wishes

Sources: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

1) I really love this dinosaur jumper from Topshop as it reminds me of the 90's (i'm such a fan of nostalgia). It would look great paired with some denims or a light pair of denim shorts and tights or even a skirt come to think of it.
2) I NEED this bag in my life. For one - the Otter is really cute and two - it reminds me of uni :).
3) Red polka-dot peter pan collar top - perfect for dabbling in bright colours. This would look great with some denims and some pumps.
4/5) I'm such a magpie for anything that resembles shiny. These nail varnishes from Barry M are no exception to my magpie abilities. After Jennie featured the blue on her blog, I knew I had to get my hands on them. Unfortunately, I forgot to look the last time I was in Boots as my magpie tendencies were being fed by 17's mirror shine lipstick packaging which then meant I forgot...oops!
6) This dress is gorgeous. I adore the banding and the colours.
7) I like any jewellery that reflects my girlie side. I love this necklace by Wallpaper Rose.
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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Dotty dot dot..

First of  all I would like to say a hello to all my new followers :). Hopefully I won't scare you away too much...

After a (very) failed attempt at painting my nails last night, I decided to stop and do them again today instead. I decided to go for classic red with white polka-dots as they are simple and will go with anything. The polishes I used were Models Own - Red Alert (£1 at Edinburgh Airport, bargain!) and Barry M's Matt White.

To create the dots, I grabbed a kirby/bobby pin,straightened it out and dipped it straight into the pot then dotted away. I find this technique extremely easy and it could be applied to any nail design. As you can see from my nails, I have quite a lot of random sized dots, which I left alone as its all part of the fun (my right hand is even more dodgy!) of nail art.

Ta-da! What do you think?
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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Just a thought..

“Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you’ll find one at the end of your arm … As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

-Audrey Hepburn

This quote reminded me of blogging. Through our own blogs we express feelings and allow ourselves a place to write; through other blogs we build up friendships and meet people who can help in time of need. This is why I like the blogging community.

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Friday, 12 August 2011

Birthday lust list..

Source: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11

At the end of the month, I will be one step closer to getting older by turning 24 (which according to the girls at work is old - cheers guys!). So seeing as I can't find my usb cable for my DSLR or the fact my memory card reader has packed up, I thought I would compile a wish-list of things for my birthday.

1)What is not to love about an apple which has been munched on. As with all Galibardy products, it is unique.

2) I love this. It fulfills my need for cutesy animal print along with something that I can cosy up in in the colder months.

3) I don't think I have to explain this one - just love.

4)I adore this ring from Temporary:Secretary, purely for the reason I did my dissertation on beetles. Nowadays, anytime I see something with a beetle-like resemblance, it somehow ends up in my possession.

5)This is another reminder of my university days. I did a lot of marine courses through my 4 years and I had a lot of fun doing them.

6)When I was younger I used to go horse-riding. It is the one thing in life that I regret stopping. I do wish to go back, but I just don't have the spare money :(. Meanwhile, I have to keep myself occupied by acquiring horsey-type things.

7) I have wanted one of these ever since I had a play with my mum's.Since a young age i've been an avid reader apart from two points in my life: the teenage era where it wasn't cool to read (idiot I know!) and when university got in the way. Nowadays I read like its going out of fashion -  I recently managed to finish 4 large books in a week.

8) I've admired pleated skirts for a while and this black one would be perfect to experiment with.

9) This purse is so cute. I love the scallop edging as its different to most of the coin purses you find.

10) My list wouldn't be complete without a bag, would it? This one is pricey, but oh so gorgeous! It would be perfect as a work bag as I could see me managing to fit my kitchen sink in there.

11) Considering this is the 4th Temporary:Secretary item that has made it on to this list, I guess you could say i'm a bit of a fan. This necklace is no exception to the fact that I love it because its cute and 'me'.
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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Leopard Nails and Laguna Beach

Today,using this tutorial from Gem, I attempted Leopard print nails for the first time. I'm really impressed with how they came out and they are sooo easy to do. The only problem I had was deciding on what colours to do them. I finally decided to use Eyeko's Vintage polish as the main colour, then Eyeko's Lilac polish for the spots. The eyeliner I used was Maybelline's line definer eyeliner as I found my MUA one too fine to make any mark.

What do you think of the outcome?

I'm away to watch some more Laguna Beach now - I really forgot how much I loved that show. Also I have been able to comment on embedded comment boxes today so I apologise if I go overboard. You see its been 8 months since i've been able to do that on my laptop...and 8 months is a lot of missed opportunities to comment. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)
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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Shoot Saturday 002

This week the shoot was all about foil- yes, the shiny stuff that lives in most kitchens. I've never worked with foil before in a photography context so this was a new venture for me.

Foil is tricky to work with. First of all, the fact that is very reflective makes it somewhat difficult to add anything to it. In the first picture I attempted to add some water droplets but as you can see the reflective surface makes it difficult to see them. This disappointed me somewhat. If I was to repeat this shoot again, I would probably use the alternative side of the foil.

My favourite outcome has to be the last picture. It is foil, although in a very different context. After shooting some many pictures, I screwed up the foil and threw it into a glass of blackcurrant juice with the intention of doing nothing with it (actually its still sitting in the glass). However my creative mind got the better of me and outcome 3 was born. I love how it doesn't look like foil - to be honest it reminds me of a human brain - and how comes across as being soft and fluffy which is the opposite of foil.

What do you think of this week's choice of material? Which outcome is your favourite?

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Friday, 5 August 2011

Miss Independent

Everything - Internacionale
(Excuse the post-ponytail hair)

1) This is what I wore to work today. The shirt is a recent buy and its very pretty. It is shorter at the front and longer at the back. If I had smaller boobs then it would be slightly longer at the front, but alas I do not. I've  wanted something lacy like this for a while so when I spotted it I knew I had to buy it. Underneath I wore a basic cream vest and teamed them with my favourite denim shorts. Jewellery-wise it was very simple. I only put on some swallow earrings as I thought that with the detail on the shirt, a necklace would be suitable. I also forgot to put on rings this morning :(.

Now excuse me why I go and grab a cup of tea and settle down with my 2nd Harry Potter dvd of the day (Order of the Phoenix if you're interested). I'll be back tomorrow with a Shoot Saturday :).
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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Monthly Favourites 001

How can it possibly be August already? Time has simply flown by this year. Next thing I know it will be December again. Anyway, here are my monthly favourites for July.

Soap and Glory's 'Scrub your nose in it' is a product which i've been using daily for the past 3 weeks or so.  After applying a small pea-sized blob, my skin is left feeling smooth and refreshed. It is a huge bottle so I think it will last quite a long time.

Hand food is one of my favourite products of all time. It is my go-to handcream and I always carry a bottle in my bag. I've been using this since before Christmas and I've managed to convert some of the girls at work to use it as well :). The consistency of the cream is perfect and it rubs in easily which is exactly what you want within a cream. As a personal thing, I hate creams that are really greasy and take ages to rub in. Another thing that I like about 'Hand Food' is the smell of marshmallows that appears when you use it. 

My hair is poker straight and has no volume whatsoever. I get jealous of people with naturally wavy hair. After reading about sea-salt spray on other blogs, I decided to give it a go. When I use it, I normally spray it onto my hair, plait it and either sleep on it or have it tied up for a few hours. After a few hours have lapsed (or next morning), I undo the plait and spray with lots and lots of Tres Semme Freezehold hairspray (which is a legend). I have been rocking the wavy look a lot recently and its all thanks to this little bottle of salt which is why it is one of my monthly favourites.

Before I started blogging, I had never heard of Eyes Lip Face before. Crazy I know, but I'm glad I know now as they brought me this little gem. My eyeshadows consist of mainly neutral colours so when I saw this one at £1.50 I had to pop it into my basket. Initially I was skeptical as for £1.50 I wasn't expecting much. Imagine my amazement when I discovered the little pot isn't half bad. I normally use the lighter shade, although recently I've been applying the darker one on the bottom of my eyelids.

'Peachy Keen' blush by Elf is my final monthly favourite. It is my favourite blush and one which I use daily (can't you tell from the visibility of the pan). It's a gorgeous colour and perfect in every way. For £3.50, it is a brilliant buy and one which I will need to repurchase shortly.

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