Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sunday Spotlight: Kate Kanzier

Welcome to Sunday Spotlight. This is a new feature that will put the spotlight on any current favourites or new finds - whether they are shops, musicians,artists or even recipes.

The first spotlight shines on.......Kate Kanzier.

Kate Kanzier is a retailer specialising in handbags and shoes. Based in London, they provide a selection of items that aim to "embody timeless expressions of individuality." There is something for everyone there - whether you are looking for something to wear day in, day out or even just something to finish off an outfit. There is also something to suit all styles.

In my opinion, the products are of good value and are on par with High Street prices. I'm well known for sourcing cheaper alternatives and I'm impressed with what I find here. I think the realistic prices make it accessible to everyone, regardless if you're on a shoestring budget or not. Kate Kanzier also offers a decent refund policy should the product not be suitable. Furthermore,  delivery is £2.95, which compared to other companies, is relatively cheap. Another final reason why I like Kate Kanzier is the range of colours that their styles come in. One of my favourites (see below) comes in 8 different colours - do I have a choice or what?

Here are a couple of my shoe favourites:

Marissa brogue in Camel - £30
Image from Kate Kanzier

I'm a massive brogue fan - a shoe which can be used in multiple ways. Therefore, the Marissa brogue in Camel is perfect for me.

Working in retail means that I spend a lot of time wearing pumps. Normally, ones that I wear in the workplace are from Primark as I know that they will get wrecked. However, sometimes its nice to have some to wear when I meet friends or as I like to call them my 'off duty' pumps. My favourite from this website is the Coral pump. 

Coral Pump - £20
Image from Kate Kanzier

What do you think about Kate Kanzier? Are there any styles which stand out for you?

I hope you enjoyed this little feature - I'll be back with another one next week :). Any questions or comments?
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Friday, 8 April 2011

The Friday Five...

Image from

Failblog :
A fairly recent, amusing discovery and I'm pretty sure I'm the last person on Earth to find it.

Gossip Girl:

I've started watching from Season 1 again <3. Any other Gossip Girl fans out there?

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Sunny weather can only mean one thing in the UK, right? Time to ditch the winter coats and get the layers off :). Due to the weather, I've had Baskins and Robbins, put washing out on the line, opened all my windows in the flat and I actually left the flat without a jacket! How have you been spending the glorious weather?

Image from google

Poach Pods:
Last weekend, I eventually used up my Lakeland vouchers (£35 to be precise) and I bought a couple of these along with the lifter. They retail at £4.99 and come in different colours. I've used them a few times this week and they do make making poached eggs as simple as pie!

Darwin and Daisy:
My two, if slightly mad, hamsters. They now have their own tumblr where I'll be posting pics/stories and any hamstery things over there as opposed to here :). Click the title above to pay a visit :).
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