Thursday, 24 February 2011

Review: Body Shop Kiss of Colour blush

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a blusher from the sale in The Body Shop(TBS). I purchased Kiss of Colour cheek blush in the shade Vibrant Rose. I never normally go into TBS and I have never bought make-up from there, however there is a first for everything :).

The blusher itself pops open to reveal a springy brush, which reapplies blusher when you close it so it's ready for the next time. This is a really useful feature. The colour is very pigmented and you only need to apply the tiniest amount to get good coverage. If you apply too much, you will end up looking like a clown (I learnt the first day I used it!).

I am a lover of blushers and I really like this one. I think the non-sale price was £5 which is probably what you would pay with other brands. I think that (if possible) I would repurchase this product. I also think that I will be inclined to try more of TBS range of make-up.
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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Getting my bake on...

My dad quite often heads up North with the dog to go and do some DIY in my Granny's old house. Occasionally, Mum will head up too. Yesterday en route, he dropped off a food parcel from home. It contained some odds and ends to make soup and some overripe bananas (which my dad assure me are lovely....ick!). Instead of throwing out the bananas, I decided to make a banana loaf for the first time:

Banana mix - looks ever so appetising here!

The finished loaf

I also made some simple broth. It does look brown, but that's purely because I got a bit overexcited with stock cubes....oops!

Vegetable prep :)


Also, this is what I was doing while I was washing my dishes. Unfortunately, Scotland got beat by Wales (6-24 if you're interested!). Sad times :(.

Rugby watching - excuse the crap around my kitchen (Its a galley and the only thing it's bigger than is the tearoom at work - no joke!)

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Thursday, 3 February 2011

2011 Goal update..

If you saw my post here then you would have seen that I had set some goals for 2011. This is just a quick update of how I'm doing:

Get up earlier:
This intially started OK, but I got lazy later on. However, this week i've been extra good at setting my alarm 15 mins before I plan to get up, meaning that when my alarm goes off, I know that I have 15 mins of snooze time :). It helps that my Blackberry has the most-annoying-alarm-in-the-world.

I have managed to rekindle my love for the gym. I've stuck to my aim of going 2-3 times a week and I am enjoying it. I've even discovered a new love for the treadmill :). I just need to get into that Zumba class....

Find a new job:

This goal is probably the most difficult to work with, however, I have achieved something. As you may have guessed (or maybe not) from this post (due to the outfits) I had an interview for a job the other day. I don't want to go into detail about it, but all I'll say is I really would like the opportunity if offered. I should actually be putting more apps in tonight as well....
More creative output:

I've done a few more creative things since I set this goal - I made Brownies and I picked up a crochet leaflet from Hobbycraft. I'm actually going to Hobbycraft tomorrow to get some supplies for a creative present. Again, I can't say too much as the person may or may not read this.....

Keep posting and improving 'Teacups and Buttondrops':
I would say i've achieved a little: I moved some things around and played with the header. I have some plans to do more with it though. As for posting more regularly, I wouldn't say I've posted more than I did before.

Become more domesticated:
*Looks around living room*
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