Sunday, 31 October 2010

Review: Rimmel Matt Finish

Being an avid nail varnish fan, I was keen to try out this product. Originally, I thought it would be clear like the majority of top coats but it is not. For those who are not familar, the Matt Finish is cloudy. The brush size is not what I expected either - it is very large in comparison to other nail varnishes. However, this is not a bad thing. It actually makes the application a lot easier. Maybe other nail varnishes should follow suite? Overall, I really liked this product purely because of the brush size making the application easier. I'm not sure if matt nails suit me or not, but I think I will probably get used to it.

Matt Nails with Eyeko's Posh Polish
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Friday, 29 October 2010

The Friday Five...

Here are this week's Friday Five:

Image from

Gym: After slacking off recently at the gym, I have rediscovered my love for it. Been twice this week already and I'm going to head later on today....wooooo!! I figure if I can go three times a week, it will be a bonus as I already walk 20 mins each way to work, 5 days a week. I also walk anytime I need to go into town and hardly ever get a bus (mainly because they are ridiculously expensive for in the city - can go up to £2.20 each way depending where you are in the city [not to mention they are exact change buses too]. Also,I am within walking distance unlike the parental home where I'm forced to use the crap-once-an-hour-bus)

Image from google images

Twitter: I have been on this constantly this week.....just reading, not posting much though. If anyone wishes to follow me its @ameyjaney . I promise to post more if I get more people reading me :)

Image from google images

Burt's Bees Lipbalm: I've had this for a while but I've been applying it a lot more with winter approaching. I have the one with the honey in it. What is your favourite go-to lipbalm?

Image from

Ice-Lollies: I randomly bought ice-lollies the other night. I have no idea why. It just seemed right at the time. Not to mention they are really delicious....I really mention food a bit too much on here......

Image from google images

Glee: I think i'm in love with Amber Riley who plays Mercedes - not in a crazy 'I dream about you every night way ' but more of admiration for her talent. Wow, that girl is talented. Her voice is just out of this world....She definitely has the most powerful voice out of the cast and she executes her solos with passion. I also think she is a great role model. I also have a thing for Mr Shue...but who doesn't? Just me? Ok then...
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Thursday, 28 October 2010

(Late) Wednesday Wishes

Apologies for the late Wednesday Wishes. I started it on Tues night and then was busy all yesterday with work and seeing people, that I didn't have enough time to finish it and post it.

Wednesday Wishes

Items 1,2,3,7,9,10 - Topshop
Item 4 - Dorothy Perkins
Items 5,6,8 - River Island

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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Review: Johnsons Cleansing Lotion

I received this product through the post to review  for a magazine. This was a complete surprise both receiving it and also receiving a full-size bottle to test.


Absolutely yummy - smell is what can only be described as 'typically Johnsons'


£2.99 - I certainly can't complain about that.

Product efficiency

The product removed impurities really well off of my skin. It even removed waterproof mascara, which sometimes, I find wipes do not (even if they claim to do so). Another good thing about this product is you actually don't need to apply much - a small blob works wonders.


I really liked this product and will certainly be adding it to my daily skincare routine. After such a good experience with this one, I'm wanting to try out the day cream.
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Monday, 25 October 2010

Monday Summary

I've seen a few people (llymlrs and lilyloveslola to name a couple) do summaries of their week so since I don't really talk about what I do on a daily basis, I'm going to provide a weekly snapshot.

1) Received some home-grown grapes from the parentals.....nomnomnom
2) Got to work and realised I'd left my locker key at home. Normally, it wouldn't bother me but the fact that I have crisps, coffee,my own mug and cutlery in there sucked.
3) Wednesday Lunch - Black Coffee and Bolognaise bake :)
4) Walking along the Salmon Bothy
5) Chipper - Red Pudding Supper :)
6) My lovely burnt wrist from my delightful which I've received no end of teasing on FB this evening. Just realised how grubby my laptop keys are....ewww. Saying that it is almost 6 years old...
7) Planning my xmas hols from work....
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Friday, 22 October 2010

The Friday Five...

Here are this weeks five:

Finding new blogs to read - I just love finding new blogs to read and I spend a lot of time doing this. If you have a blog and are looking for new followers, comment here with your address and I will go and visit :).

Image from

Soap and Glory's 'Hand Food' - I have been using this product a lot this week as my hands have been super dry. I really need to invest in the large bottle. On a side note: Does anyone know why Boots don't stock 'Glow Job'?My friend and I were discussing this the other day and we think it may to do with the name. Saying that they do stock 'Sexy Mother Plucker'. The wonders of Boots....

Spending time with family - This week i've managed to spend a bit of time with the family whilst they have been up North.

Image from google images

The Saturdays feat. Flo Rida: Higher - I've been listening to this song non-stop this week. Absolutely love it, which is surprising considering i'm not a Saturdays fan.

Image from

Xmas shopping planning: I love planning for xmas. I love seeing all the gift sets, the christmas catalogues, the endless lists of lists. I love it all. I love it even better when I have a Starbucks within reach :).
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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Where am I?

Today, I'm blogging from a small fishing town on the North-East Coast of Scotland, which is famous for its soup and also its ice-cream. Where am I?Answers on a postcard please :).

Anyway, today has mainly been a lazy day. I took the dog for a long walk over the salmon bothy and then had a wander up the town, as there are some cute shops here. There are a few collectible shops which have odd bits and pieces, some very random items - perfect for vintage hunting :). Going to have another look tomorrow before I head back to city life.

Here are some snippets of my day:

Along the Salmon Bothy with Barney

Coastline view

Some of the work thats being done on my Granny's old house - courtesy of my dad

Latte and Empire Biscuit courtesy of 'Puddleduck Patch' - nom

I also bought a couple of things:

A lovely vintage box-camera £4

A book of musicals - £4

My mum bought me this little treasure as a belated bday gift:

Alice in Wonderland - £8

Inside of Alice in Wonderland - look at the date! It means it's at least 61 years old and was given before WWII ended.

Inside the book itself

Well, thats my little summary of today. I think we're away to order Chinese for dinner.....yum yum!!

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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Wednesday Wishes

Here are this week's picks:

Items 1,4,5,10,11 - Topshop
Items 2,3,8 - Eyeko (
Item 6 - Dorothy Perkins
Items 7&9 - River Island

If you order something from Eyeko and use my Ambassador Code (E11770), you will receive a free gift :)

On a side note: Does anyone have any tips on taking better self-portraits? I am absolutely pants at taking them, and I seem to either suffer from flat-chin syndrome, double-chin syndrome or just pure bleh!
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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

These boots are made for walking...

 Internacionale Boots - Brown and Black

I bought boots today - 2 pairs to be precise. I got them in Internacionale for £25 ( for both pairs as I have discount on them) in both Brown and Black. They retail at £19.99 each and come in both the brown and the black. Now, you may be thinking I've seen them somewhere before. You're actually right. Topshop have a very, very similar style called the Ambrose boot which retails at £65. The only difference between these is the Topshop ones are leather whilst the Internacionale ones are PU. I actually also own the Ambrose boots in black which I bought in London and I adore. I have a slight interest, borderline obsession with Pixie-style boots at the moment as they look cute with everything. They even look good when styled with a dressing gown, well not quite but you get my drift :).
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Monday, 18 October 2010

What's in my bag - round 2

Here's another round of 'What's in my bag..?'


 It's from Ollie and Nic. Originally it was priced at £110 but I got it in the sale for £40. I actually walked into the shop four times that day to look at it. I love the leather detail on the front of it and the inside is just wonderful.


Ipod: My essential item - maybe even more than my phone, actually don't say that - I use it everyday and feel pretty lost without it.

Umbrella: Another essential for Scottish Weather. Although, sometimes I wonder what the point is when the wind just blows it inside out.

Purse: Pretty purple purse from Accessorize, which I have been using solidly for about a year. This is quite an achievement as I pretty much chop and change my accessories.

Blackberry: My work entertainment (not on the shopfloor of course!) and pretty much an extension of my hand.

Lakeland Vouchers: Not there all the time, just popped them in on Saturday for shopping

Gloves: With the chilly weather, it has meant my sunglasses have been swapped for gloves :(

Organiser: £10 Paperchase - for lifes important events such as nights out with the girls :)

Deodorant: Yeah,I don't want to smell

Hairbrush: For sorting out those windswept moments

Perfume: Currently Next's Diamond (Next's Perfumes are yummy!)

Make-up bag: Currently holding Soap and Glory's hand food, Burt's Bees honey lipbalm, Nivea Cream and a Nail File. The bag is from Paperchase :)

Here's a little extra that managed to find its way into my bag last night:

I didn't put him in there. He likes crawling into things, and for some reason, he loves my bags. Probably because he thinks I will have food in there.

You can also see the pretty lining here which is a trademark of Ollie and Nic.

That's it for round 2 of 'What's in my bag...?'. I'm away to wake up the hamster for playtime :)
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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Take that Simon Cowell ;)

Having gained an unexpected Saturday off from work, I decided that I needed to put it to good use. I met with one of my friends, who I've known from uni, and headed into town for a bit of lunch and shopping. Naturally, being 2 weeks before payday, I didn't really have much money to spend on shopping for me or finding things to try out, so I bought a couple of things for parts of xmas pressies instead. We had lunch at a pub called 'The Wild Boar' which does great food at reasonable prices. I had a form of pork sandwich with chips, although when it arrived, the pork was shredded so much so that it looked like Tuna. It was yummy, although the bread roll went soggy...After lunch, we continued to wander around town and discovered the next best thing for the X-Factor. Between two of the shopping centres, there are quite often buskers that busk away. Yesterday, there was a lady there (we think she may have been Ukranian, not sure) who had a guitar. Normal, you think? However, this lady was literally strumming the guitar, no, not playing as in changing chords etc. She had her left hand below the fret(?) board and was strumming away with her right and that is all she was doing. It cracked me up everytime I passed her.

After arriving home, armed with a Starbucks, I then learned that the parentals and 'Polar Bear' were heading north  and would be arriving at my flat in due course. A quick clean of the flat and everything was sparkly and parental-friendly.

Like my blue bandana? Told you I was a fashionable 'Polar Bear'

Today, I was at work all day and then I hit the gym. I honestly don't know what is wrong with me recently, but my shoulders seem to be playing up and get painful easily, even on the crosstrainer :(. Maybe this is punishment for slacking at the gym recently?

Hope you all enjoyed my mini weekend round-up. I did actually take my camera into town with the intention of documenting my day for here, but I forgot to take the camera out of my bag...oops. I also forgot to do an outfit post. I will remember to do one :).

I think I'm going to head to bed now and paint my nails as they look naked at the moment (and I need some coloured nails to make me smile at work tomorrow :))
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Friday, 15 October 2010


Its a Saturday afternoon, you have 30 mins to grab lunch and so you head into here. Bad idea - its full of Grannies with their shopping who are bumping into friends and then gossiping about the locals. Where am I? Starbucks? Nope. Boots. Nope. In fact I'm in M&S. M&S, I hear you say, why? You never go into M&S. True, I do not and there is a good reason for this. To me, it screams 'Granny' as years ago it was associated with the older generation (by older generation, I'm referring to my parents as well) and its not where you would find me. If my mum tried to take me in, I'd run in the opposite direction, literally. However, on my quest to find a Christmas present yesterday (Yes, I know its October!) I stumbled in and found myself being drawn to certain products. It seems, that over the years, M&S have attempted to revamp their image what with a new logo a couple of years ago, to selling more fashionable products. A quick look at their website, which rivals the likes of New Look and Topshop, shows that indeed times have changed at M&S. There is actually things in store that I would consider wearing. There are bags that I would consider buying, not to mention shoes to add to my growing collection. Overall, I think M&S has grown with the change. They have a much wider audience now, with a larger variety of products and not to mention, probably a larger profit in their pockets.

Here are a few of the items I would consider buying:


Images from M&
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The Friday Five...

Here is what has been keeping me smiling this week:

 Image from

New Issue of Elle Magazine (with Clinique lipgloss I may add!). The Alexa Chung interview is just amazing!

 Image from

Having a random Saturday off, which honestly never happens in my shop.

     Spud nomming me or at least attempting to!                                             Darwin in his playpen as he doesn't like his ball

My two hamsters - Spud and Darwin- with their antics, especially Spud who is known affectionately as 'Grouch' or 'Teenager' (and who is currently pushing an empty Primark bag around the living room in his ball for sheer fun)

 Image from

 Large mugs of tea - love love love! Especially as its getting a lot colder outside :)

Nail art - Getting comments on my nails by customers always lifts me out the 'I can't be bothered with work mood'. Its happened a few times this week :)

Until next friday xx
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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wednesday wishes

It's that time of week again, so here are this week's Wednesday Wishes:

Wednesday wishes

Item 1 - River Island
Item 2,3,4,5 - Topshop
Item 6 - New Look
Item 7 - Dorothy Perkins

There is a slightly naturalistic theme here, what with the tapestry and animal themed goodies. It was all unintentional, honest!
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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Review: Gum Brunette Heat Protective Milk

I bought this product a few weeks ago in probably my first haul whilst writing this blog. I can't say I noticed much difference to my hair, probably due to the fact it was a heat protective spray rather than a mousse, but I love the smell of it. It smells much better than Tres Semme and I actually find it's much easier to use. Tres Semme has a lid that reminds me of glass cleaner (one where you press a separate handle to spray) whereas the gum one doesn't. I also like the size of the bottle - much more holiday friendly! Overall, I would purchase this product again, even just for the smell.

NB: This is a scheduled post as I'm at work working a 12 hour shift....who says retail is easy?
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Friday, 8 October 2010

Friday's 5 weekly obsessions:

This is what i've become obsessed with this week:

Cadbury's mini animals -  they remind me of my childhood

 Image from

 Cape, capes and more capes

Image from

Glee - in any form (I was already a Gleek but this week ive been a bit more gleekified)

Image from google images

Nail Varnish:

Yoghurts: any kind - biopots, all sorts....

Image from google images

So there you have it, my 5 friday weekly obsessions,until next week xx
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